Practicing Gratitude

Practicing Gratitude December 24, 2019

We’ve finally arrived. Today is the last day of Advent: Christmas Eve. I pray that the past 24 days have been a time of spiritual renewal, deeper relationships and meaningful engagement. As we enter into the Christmas season, I wanted to share with you a practice that has made a huge difference in my life: gratitude.

Every day I take time to explore gratitude both personally and with my kids. We do this through a series of “morning questions.” They are questions designed to help shine a light into the corners of our lives and identify the goodness that we see there. Gratitude is like a powerful flashlight that cuts through the darkness in the world and highlights the good that God has created in every person, place and circumstance. It helps us recognize that God is working in every area of our lives.

Sometimes, finding what we’re grateful for can be a struggle. Too often my list is simply the first things that come to mind, rather than the more difficult reminders I really need. Here are the questions I’ve been asking to help go deeper:

1. What are three amazing things that happened yesterday? What did I learn from those experiences? What did I like about those experiences?
2. What is one challenge from yesterday? What can I do today to learn from what I experienced?
3. What are three things that are going to be happening today? How can I make sure I see those moments as gifts?
4. What is one thing on the horizon I am really excited about?
5. What are some things about the people who I will encounter today I am grateful for? How can I share that with them?
6. What are some things about who I am that I am grateful for today?
7. What is something I know about who God is that I am thankful for?

Thank you for spending this Advent with me! Have a Merry Christmas!

Action for Today

  • Go through the list above and examine what you’re grateful for.


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