WELCOME TO ADVENT WEEK 1 : HOPE! December 1, 2019

When Advent first emerged, it was rooted in the need for hope. Advent was started by Christians who believed that Jesus was alive and that God was at work in the world. They believed that what God was doing in their daily lives was part of a much bigger story, a story of hope. They believed that the story was headed towards the whole world being reconciled and restored to the life that God had intended.

But sometimes they would get more focused on the disappointments and struggles that they experienced. They needed reminders so that the daily burdens of life wouldn’t distract them from their hope for the world. Advent was developed to remind people of the hope that was so essential to help them move forward.

Have you ever noticed how much bigger the windshield is in a car than the rear-view mirror? Hope is like the windshield that helps us see a future where we want to go.

Here in Michigan, the winter is sometimes challenging. On days with a lot of snow or ice, the windshield of my car can get covered up. I have to take out my scrapper and break up the ice and snow that obscures my windshield. This is very important work. If I don’t take time to clear my windshield, I won’t be able to see where I am going and risk crashing my car.

If we don’t have hope, it’s similar. Without a clear hope for where we want to go, we risk losing our way or not moving at all. This first week of Advent is focused on hope. We are going to work to help you to develop the tools to help you scrape off your windshield, refocus and start moving.


Today’s Questions:

How would you define hope?

Why do you think hope is important?

Billy compared hope to a car’s windshield. Can you think of any other analogies to understand or explain what hope is?

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