Saint Peter’s Chair – A Symbol of Unity

Saint Peter’s Chair – A Symbol of Unity February 22, 2021

Jesus sent his apostles on a mission that was impossible to accomplish alone. He sent them to proclaim the gospel to the whole world and in every generation. (Matthew 24:14)

The Church is a collection of diverse and particular faith communities that are all in union in one Body – all people could find a place, and no group was excluded. Every culture could bring their own encounters with God and use them to help the Church see the mystery of the incarnation more clearly.

Unfortunately with diversity comes division. People cluster into tribes and factions. The Chair of Peter is a reminder that in the midst of the diversity of the Chruch, there is a fundamental unity that holds us together. The apostolic dimension of the faith reminds us of the gospel which unites the church in spite of the diversity that both enriches our faith but also threatens to divide us.

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