St. John of God – Walking Day-by-Day

St. John of God – Walking Day-by-Day March 8, 2021


Have you ever wanted God to simply show you his whole plan, but discovered God seems to be more interested in leading us step-by-step?

João Duarte Cidade has a story like this. After an early life was marked by trauma, he spent his youth in search of adventure traveling, fighting and trying to make sense of his life. He eventually began to look for something more. He spent a season wondering looking for what God would have for him. This openness seemed to have given God room to speak. He received a vision of Jesus who gave him the name “John of God.” He kept searching. After hearing a powerful sermon he discerned a call to the poor. He suffered trying to figure out how, thinking perhaps God was calling him simply to be poor himself. Through the spiritual council of St. John of Ávila, he was given a direction towards tending to the needs of the suffering. This was confirmed through a vision of mary. Step by step he worked towards this goal, each step finding more clarity through prayer, vision, and spiritual counsel.  He eventually gathered a group around him in this work and founded the Brothers Hospitallers. To this day they care for the sick through hospitals set up around the world in 53 countries with over 45,000 members of the order.

May we work in preserving to seek God’s will in our lives day-by-day and step-by-step

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