The Man that Should have Won Utah’s Republican Vote

The Man that Should have Won Utah’s Republican Vote December 5, 2016

One may say that Evan McMullin was a designer candidate for Utah’s Republican-dominant and largely Mormon block of voters that sent President-elect Trump to the White House. After all, you did not relish the Trump candidacy out of the gates. In fact, you despised him. Many, likely most of ou saw him as a phony poser at first blush. Trump had, in his own words, a “Mormon problem.” Eventually though, you embraced the very man that saw you as a problem. Ironic.

Why didn’t you vote for Evan McMullin? He is highly educated (MBA from Wharton), very competent in international affairs, experienced as a CIA agent at home and abroad, and squeeky clean. Puzzling.

Today McMullin published an Op Ed in the New York Times and weighed in on Trumps temperment and missteps since his successful presidential election bid. Sour grapes? Maybe. But it is well-crafted and thought provoking piece that deserves attention.

Enjoy the read!

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