My Eight Expectations for a POTUS

My Eight Expectations for a POTUS February 20, 2017

Happy President’s Day. The following created interesting dialogue in the FB platform. I submit it here so that a broader readership may respond.

1) Don’t lie to the American people about anything. 2) Be transparent in your dealings with the American people–i.e. release taxes, liquidate entirely any potential conflict of interest. 3) Institute no religious tests of any kind domestically or in foreign affairs. 4) Respect the critical role of the press in American democracy. Hate them all you want but they are not the enemy of the American experiment, they are critical life blood. 5) Respect the judiciary. They are the safety net of American democracy. 6) Respect women. 7) Respect the races in your policies and your words. 8) Show self restraint in use of social media. This is new, but important, territory for a president.

BTW: All 8 of my expectations may easily be met by a normal functioning American citizen elected to office. That is important to note as since we elect normal people to office. They aren’t perfect, but these basic expectations seem reasonable to demand the day the oath of office is taken.

There you have it. Add to, take away, comment. Civility matters.

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