January 17, 2014

This past weekend, I  had the privilege of spending a few days with the folks at the  2014 Christianity 21 Conference in Denver, CO. Along with some truly gifted thinkers and theologies, I was one of the 21 main speakers tasked with bringing a “big idea” to the event. The only requirement was that whatever idea I brought, it not be one that I had presented on before. Now, I have lots of ideas . . . mostly little ones... Read more

December 18, 2013

  Originally posted on BRC+. One of my favorite social media services is Instagram. If you are a visual person and like just keeping up with people’s lives, this may be a great site for you. Instagram is a smart-phone based service that is a little like Twitter – you follow and are followed– except, rather than being confined to 140 characters you share an image with a little description. And like Facebook, your followers can “like” the picture or... Read more

December 12, 2013

Originally posted on BRC+. One of my favorite services for both professional and personal use is Group.me, a group texting service. If you have not tried it, it is a game-changer. The nitty-gritty Sign up for an account. Create a group and you’ll be assigned a group phone number. Add people’s mobile numbers to the group*. When anyone in the group texts to that group number, it shows up as a conversation thread among everyone and not separate texts between... Read more

December 11, 2013

h/t: AngryAsianMan Arghhh . . . why did I not know about Jane Lui before now? *hangs head in shame* Better late than never. From her website bio: “I’m can be pretty shy, and learned that I feel most earnest and outgoing in music. More than anything, I want to be honest in music; it respects intelligence.” With a sensitivity towards the interplay of sound, space, & subtlety, Lui’s artistry is fierce with utmost musicianship & self-respect. Below are a few videos... Read more

December 9, 2013

A few weeks ago, I posted this video made by and for some friends of mine: I have been thinking about this video a great deal when it comes to staying connected to that “next” generation of progressive minds and hearts. Now I realize that there are many ways to define both “progressive” as well as the “next generation,” but rather than fill this post with disclaimers and definitions, I’ll take my chances and  leave it up to you all... Read more

November 27, 2013

As life would have it, I was in the Philippines during and after Typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda) struck the Philippines. I blogged my experience, but one of the things that I was able to do was be part of a relief group into Tacloban, Leyte, and the surrounding areas to see the damage first hand. I was able to grab some images and want to make those available to ay and all who want to use them for... Read more

November 22, 2013

If you are like me, every once in awhile an email arrives in your inbox from someone who is stuck in London or the Philippines because they were mugged and had their wallet stolen.  Well, I didn’t get mugged and instead of “stolen” I might say, “inadvertently left in a cab” . . . but I did lose my wallet in Cebu City during a recent trip from Hilongos to Dumaguete. Craptastic. Fortunately I had pulled out my money in... Read more

November 21, 2013

In 2009 I had the privilege of meeting Leslie Rodriguez at a collegiate event at Montreat Conference Center in North Carolina. Leslie was a member of the music team and I was one of the speakers. I remember having some great conversations about the state of the church, issues of justice and life in general. Through the wonders of the interwebs we have stayed in contact over the years even the point that she and Javier came to photograph our... Read more

November 13, 2013

And now a message from the millennials… Wait, what?!?!? But, we thought you were going to fix everything . . . One of the reasons that my wife and I have committed to raising our kids in San Francisco is because we want them to be surrounded by people and perspectives like this: creative, passionate and not afraid to ask “What the Eff” about so many things? The list of amazing people with whom we have come into contact through work,... Read more

November 10, 2013

As some of you know, am in the Philippines on a month-long teaching assignment at The Silliman University Divinity School. This was made possible by a new partnership between Silliman University, the Presbyterian Church (USA) World Mission Office and The United Church of Christ in the Philippines. I am based out of Dumaguete City, one of my favorite places in the world, where I will teach, write and play until early December. And yes — I arrived a just in... Read more

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