Ode to My Husband’s Risotto*

Ode to My Husband’s Risotto* September 28, 2011

Last week we had a joyful day

While Mr. Incredible worked far away.

We wanted to share it while he was far from home,

so we emailed him pictures to his iPhone.

The three happy brothers reacted with glee

to see our new little one floating on the little TV!

That’s right….we have a tiny new one

who just can’t wait to join the fun!

For weeks now my stomach has done flip flops

And sometimes there is just one thing to make it stop.

Last week the baby wanted risotto at nine o’clock.

My husband smiled patiently, betrayed no shock,

but went into the pantry to get the stock.

I gently directed while laying down

While Mr. Incredible ladled hot stock and stirred round and round.

The shallots were chopped and the parmesan grated

while I sat pathetically on the couch and waited.

It was delicious, contented my tummy

and it was made with love by my wonderful hubby.

I’ll only feel nausea for a few more weeks,

but my Mr. Incredible, he is for keeps!

*Cheesy poem courtesy of pregnancy hormones.

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  • Mr. Incredible

    I learned during pregnancy number 1 that if your beautiful wife wants some weird food at an ungodly hour, make it happen. u00a0The brie cheese debacle of 2005 will not be repeated!

  • Jurismater

    That is so sweet, bravo!

  • Jurismater

    Tex, this is adorable!!u00a0nnCongrats on that beautiful little baby. You should temporarily name him/her “risotto” until you find out the gender and chose a name.nnIt was avocados for me last pregnancy, and many a night at 10:30pm found my husband trudging from store to store (we had no car) in England in the rain in search of avocados. From Mexico. Could I have made it any more difficult?u00a0

  • Kathy

    Congratulations! When are you due? Will you find out the gender?nBravo to your husband for making risotto – according to food network that is not easy to make! nnStay well. u00a0

  • Congrats!

  • Anonymous

    Good man!

  • Mr. Incredible

    Risotto is not difficult to make, it just a long time to make with lots of stirring.

  • Not too cheesy, not too cheesy! u00a0The poem that is, not the risotto 🙂 u00a0Hooray for your sweet little one and for you for weathering the first trimester, Tex!

  • Mary Alice

    She has apparently trained you well!

  • Eylhung

    Congratulations, Tex Mommy and family! u00a0Love the poem and u/s image. 🙂 Praying for you all.n

  • Kat

    Tex, this is too cute, I love it! A very sweet tribute to your hubby and to your newest little one. Can’t wait to see you!

  • Jacqueline C

    This poem is so sweet and funny. lol! Love this post.nI am coming from Faith and Family link and I love this sweet poem you made. oh I hope you get better with your morning sickness. I know with little ones it is quite hard to do alot of work with nauseousness. I hope and pray you feel better.

  • AWOL Mommy

    Tex, a hearty congratulations. Any new member to your family is blessed. I would like to wish you a girl, but with a male role model like Mr. I. in the mix, it would be a shame not to produce another XY to benefit from his mentorship.u00a0

  • Renee Gartland

    This is awesome,u00a0the perfect pregnancy poem!u00a0 I bet the boys liked it, too; I can just imagine #1 reading it to the others, laughing hysterically!u00a0