Birthday Week

Birthday Week September 28, 2011

It is September birthday week here, we have celebrated John and Mary’s 7th birthday with pancakes and cupcakes, and today we lit the candles for Peter’s 10th birthday.

Peter is the oldest builder kid, and as you can see in the picture above, 10 is really big!  Peter contributes so much to our home life, and he has had a strong role in forming our other children, he is like a builder on a different level, the one who can see the low details which the adults often miss.  I love how his younger siblings keep him young, he does not just help care for them, he happily plays with them and deeply loves them.  I love that he put his brother’s name on the list of people to invite to his birthday party, showing that he counts John among his friends.  I love his enthusiasm for learning, that he thanks me often for homeschooling him, that he is not afraid to try hard and stretch himself intellectually.  I love that he told his father with great pride about how he looked up and found a Chesterton (Fr. Brown) book in the library all by himself.  I love that he is getting better about handling difficult emotional situations, and I love the safe space and freedom which homeschooling has given him to do so at his own pace.  I love the way that he screams at the TV during baseball games, and I will love watching him celebrate the playoff season with his dad.  I love his pride in his skiing.

I love his height (over 5 feet), but I sort of hate it, too, because it is a reminder to me that he is growing up.  I love that he gets to be the first to do everything, but I hate that he has to suffer because often I haven’t figured out that next stage yet.  I feel sentimental about him, we tell him all the time that he got our family started, that we were so overjoyed with him that we decided to be open to having more children (and more, and more, and more!).


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  • So beautiful.u00a0 Happy birthday to your little ones! I hope I am instilling such values, strength, and love in my little boy. You are one blessed mama 🙂

  • Jen E Andrews

    Very sweet notes about your big boy. I always enjoy your posts – happy birthday month to all of you. Your children are really beautiful!

  • Jen E Andrews

    Oh, and reading that your son is over 5 ft really surprised me! I am only 5’2.5″ and I can’t imagine a son taller than me (maybe because mine is only 6 months old …)

  • Kathy

    Happy Birthday to all of your September babies!

  • Lucy

    This is such a sweet celebration of Peter. It’s a good reminder to me to intentionally notice and celebrate what is wonderful about each of my kids. My first born is in many ways my most challenging child in addition to stretching us just because he does everything first. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m going to spend some intentional time thinking and writing for myself about what makes him special.u00a0 Happy birthday to your three birthday kids! This birthday post has been a gift to our family. Thanks, Mary Alice.

  • Anonymous

    I love that your Peter is so wonderful with younger children in other families!u00a0 He is a great role model for our Charlie, and plays with him so nicely whenever we see one another.u00a0 It give me great comfort and peace to know that Charlie has such great boys to look up to.u00a0 nnWhat a beautiful post and a beautiful photo!u00a0 I hope his Phillies win it all for him–a great birthday gift!u00a0 Give him lots of birthday wishes from our family. u00a0u00a0

  • Kate E.

    I will always remember the day that Peter was born. Leaving NYC, which was so full of the weight of grief it was overwhelming, we hoped on the train to Princeton. Getting to hold him was like light breaking through all that darkness. That fall I just wanted to get out to NJ and see that cute boy as much as possible. He has carried that light with him and it such a joy to know him. He’s one of those kids who you just smile when you see him. I love that he trailblazes not just for your family but for all our younger kids, and he does so with such kindness and fun.u00a0

  • Mary Alice

    Charlie’s letter came today!u00a0 It was so sweet, and Peter will write him back tomorrow, and then hopefully I will buy some stamps…

  • Mary Alice

    You know, I have tried a few times to write some thoughts about Peter and September 11, and I just can’t go there, so thank you for saying it so well.u00a0

  • Kat

    He is such a big boy, MA, and I can remember seeing you strolling around campus with him when I was still a student! You have set a beautiful example for the Builders as the first mother among us, and I am so grateful for you and for Peter. God bless you all as you celebrate family birthdays – may the year to come be full of joy.