Shower of Roses: Michaelmas

Shower of Roses: Michaelmas September 28, 2011





Shower of Roses: Michaelmas.


Okay, so we are a bit cupcaked out around here, but if you are up for cupcakes in your house, I LOVE this idea of devils food cupcakes which you stab with little cocktail swords in honor of St. Michael.  Love, Love, Love.  Please, somebody do it, and send me pictures!  I’m looking at you, Tex, if not this year, file it away for the future.


PS I have read this blog before, but I came upon this post through a facebook link from Catholic Heritage Curricula, which is my favorite source for homeschooling materials.

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  • Jurismater

    Please someone quick, where do you get cocktail swords?, I need to get them before my dude gets home from Kindergarten at lunch. Those sword cupcakes are an amazing idea!!

  • Alice

    Liquor store, or the place in the grocery store where the toothpicks are?

  • Jurismater

    Thanks!! Tex emailed me to recommend Party City, and that did the trick. I’m so excited to surprise the kids for dessert tonight.u00a0

  • Anonymous

    Since I have no other reason to go to Party City, I actually throw the little swords in the dishwasher and store them in the toothpick container. They have lasted 3+ years thus far!

  • Jurismater

    That is so cool. My 5 year old mister was totally taken with these. He arranged them in X shapes, in crosses, slayed everything on the table, smote an imaginary serpent, all while narrating the story of the battle in heaven between good and evil. It rocked. We had such a homeschool moment ; ) Thanks MaryAlice and Tex.

  • Mary Alice

    What book did you use, or have you just told him the story?