Thoughts for Thursday — We haven’t forgotten it!

Thoughts for Thursday — We haven’t forgotten it! September 29, 2011

What am I cooking? I have been copying Kat’s habit of cooking larger batches of food and freezing, so will have lasagna tonight, and I don’t have to cook!

What are my weekend plans?  A long run, a charity pancake breakfast, a birthday party, a CCD dinner, a christening.  Is your head spinning?  Mine is!

What are my prayer intentions for the day?   For peace of mind and the mental space to parent intentionally.  Our school year got off to an odd start because we had to deal with remediation from the hurricane.  The kids got their work done, amazingly, but I got into the habit of being occupied with other things and not really present to them, and I want to change that now.

What can my children do instead of watching TV?  My two littlest ones are banned from any screen time, because they had gotten way too dependent on it in the past few weeks.  Also, it has been humid and gray out most days.  Whine seems to be the answer of the moment, but I am working on it by offering coloring, playdough, cutting up apples and any thing else that can grab their attention.

What have I done for my marriage this week?  I have tried to be more sympathetic about his bum shoulder, make sure there was dinner when he got home late from work and stifle my whining about the home repair situation.  I also planted mums, and I think that doing small things to make our house more cheerful is good for all of us!

What am I reading?   Undaunted Courage, which is about Lewis and Clark.  I am trying to read something that relates to what the family is learning about in history each quarter, and people love this book, but I am finding it to be a bit of a slog so far.

What’s challenging me lately?   Logistics, and all of the above, and getting up early.

Something that made me think?  I continue to be humbled and surprised by how difficult it was for me to deal with the flood in our basement.  It wasn’t really a sadness about losing the things, it was more the interruption to my life and the order of my home, the phone calls we had to make, the work man coming over all the time, the child potty training who kept showing up around the workmen with no pants on.  I really value privacy at home, and this was an interruption to all of that.  Yet, I had it better than almost anyone can hope to — I had workmen to do all the real work, I had support from my husband, I have good insurance coverage.  So many people lost so much more, and are still cleaning and recovering, so many people were already living closer to the margins of survival than I do, people in Trenton nearly rioted trying to get FEMA food vouchers, and I could just go out and replace whatever was lost from my fridge.  It’s hard to know what to make of all of that.

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  • Anonymous

    Actually, I did forget Thoughts for Thursday! Thanks for the glimpse into your busy days.u00a0

  • Jurismater

    MaryAlice, are you running the Philly Half Marathon?nnWe are also having amazing success cooking two big meals lately, per Kat’s inspiration–one on Monday for Monday-Wednesday, one on Tuesday for Tuesday-Thursday. Pizza on Fridays, catch-as-catch-can on Sundays, and I feel like I’m only cooking a couple times a week. It’s amazing to sit outside with the kids until 6pm several nights a week, instead of cooking.

  • JMB

    Years ago, cooking for my family was such a challenge that for a brief period, we had live-in help who cooked dinner every night.u00a0 Then I could hang with the kids at the playground and it was wonderful.u00a0 Fast forward 10 years and now I love cooking for my family.u00a0 I plan each meal.u00a0 I have it down to 45 min tops to prepare and cook, and with the help of my daughters, to set the table and clean up.u00a0 It’s the highlight of my day.

  • Mary Alice

    It is so nice to know that this stage will come, for us it may even be as soon as this winter.u00a0 Right now we are juggling ballet and fall baseball which keeps us out three nights a week, but if I cook carefully on the two days that I am home we are more likely to choose real food on the busy days, instead of giving in to fast food!

  • Mary Alice

    Yes!u00a0 Isn’t crazy?u00a0 When I ran six miles last night it was my longest run in two years, but I am almost half way there.u00a0 We’ll see if it can really happen.u00a0 I am running about 12-13 minute miles right now, so it will be a long, cold morning in Philly…

  • JMB

    Fall ball is tough.u00a0 We did football, which meant that I could drop off my son for practice and my husband would pick him upu00a0 on way home from work.u00a0 The games were on weekend nights or weekend days.u00a0 Hats off to baseball moms – I could barely get through the reg season when my son played. It was a constant source of guilt for me.

  • MaryAlice

    The games are on Friday nights, which is not too bad, it is much harder during the reg season when the games move around during the week. Our town is big, though, and we don’t live super close to the baseball complex, so by the time I drop off I just have a little bit of time at home before I have to be back to pick up! We will get into a routine just in time for it to wrap up. He is so happy though — he broke his wrist and missed most of the spring season, so this was to make up for it, this team is coached by two of our favorite coach/dads and he has gotten a big hit in every game so far.

    For some reason I thought you had all girls…you comment enough that I have an imaginary picture of your family in my head, but it did not have a boy in it 🙂