Peace Out, Facebook?

Peace Out, Facebook? September 23, 2011

Well, I know that it is much discussed over on FB itself, but the feed stream is so confusing there that I thought I would solicit comments here. I am thinking that I may have to bow out of the facebook community. Figuring out the new privacy details seems trying, and I don’t love that comments on friends posts will be seen in another feed. I find looking at the screen pretty confusing.

Sadly, several of my friends who used to blog a lot are now mostly FBers, so I will be sorry not to hear their random thoughts, and especially their links to various articles of interest, but it is also possible that I will be happy with the found time.

I spent about a week on Google+, but I really don’t have time to sort out a whole new community, especially when there were not too many people on it.

So, do I have the self control to just not go to facebook often, or should I shut down my account all together? Other thoughts on social media? Maybe I want to go back to reading more blogs, are you satisfied with a feed through your google reader? For a while I had a nice google homepage set up which had a FB feed, news, blog roll, etc, maybe if I invest a half an hour in really setting that up properly I can just see everything at once?

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  • Graceinmyheart

    I didn’t like the new layout at first either, but now I “get it” and think I actually like it better! u00a0I am a little anal about the privacy stuff so I did make sure I understood all of that. u00a0Be prepared though because I also saw an article about some more layout changes coming soon. u00a0They actually look very “blog like” and fun so I wouldn’t give up on it yet! u00a0:) u00a0u00a0

  • Anonymous

    My initial reaction was that I hated the changes and I was frustrated at the news feed issue.u00a0 Today I’m less irritated, and I do like some of the changes, particularly the options to block certain types of updates (people being tagged in photos, activity updates, or games).u00a0 It also seems that today my newsfeed makes more sense (maybe I’m just adjusting), but the updates are coming in order of most recent (which I prefer), as opposed to “top news.”u00a0 I do not like the feed on the right tracking what everyone else is doing.nnI’m not sure if there are new ways to update your privacy setting to prevent information from appearing.u00a0 I’d like that information if anyone has it.u00a0 I think my account is set to “friends only,” but I’m not sure if there is a more strict setting or exactly how I would even go about changing it.nnAs for leaving FB, I’d give it a couple of weeks.u00a0 Human beings are creatures of habit, and I am always amazed at how flustered I get when something is suddenly different.u00a0 But with time I adjust, and it really isn’t that big of a deal.u00a0 If in a few weeks you still hate the changes, then I’d just take a break for a while.u00a0 You will still get important messages via e-mail, and people can still contact you if they need to.nnPersonally, I can’t ditch FB entirely because it seems to be the main way my homeschool groups advertise events.

  • Kate E.

    How else am I going to talk politics with you and Red :)u00a0 I do not like it but I then took the time today and sat down and did the work arounds that various people had posted and double checked my privacy settings and just really really poked around.u00a0 The one things I wish is that I could adjust my friends settings so I could see all my friend’s posts, none of their comments and likes and games, that kind of thing, like a default setting for that.instead of having to individually click each one (you could then adjust individually as wanted)….but I did just figure out I could close my sidebar, so that really helped!

  • Rebecca Elmuccio

    I was thrown by it too. But, made the adjustments that Kate E spoke about and I feel a bit better now. I do like my Google Reader blog feed a lot and have all of my blogs set up there for reading. It makes it a quick and easy spot to organize and view them all. How did you set up a Google homepage to view all of it at once?

  • Mary Alice

    I have an “igoogle” page.u00a0 It has gadgets that you can add, so I have an NPR feed, Facebook feed, my email, Building Cathedrals and a few other things.u00a0 There must be a way to have a google reader gadget, I am going to have to keep working on it.u00a0 It is efficient and I am pretty happy with it so far.u00a0 I am also going to take the time to tweak my privacy settings on facebook.

  • Kj_marshill

    I don’t get the new FB either, but I don’t use it enough to be bothered. Our family is trying, in order to not feel so rushed and scatterbrained, to take a few days off a week (on the computer). It’s nice to not have it as an option/distraction. We feel much more peaceful. You might like that…

  • After a year and a half of being a Facebook user, I deleted my Facebook account (click here: – this was u00a0almost 2 years ago. In terms of protecting our family privacy and copyright on our photos, and avoiding online time wasting, it was one the best decisions I’ve made. I don’t miss it all. I say go for it – be a counter-cultural radical ;-)u00a0nn