The good news…

The good news… September 13, 2011

…is that the dryer repair is so expensive, we don’t have to have a conversation about whether to replace it.
…is that the contents of our basement are so moldy, our insurance is going to cover everything
…is that I learned today that I can spend most of the day on the phone and with service people and my children won’t tear the house down, and I was competent enough to take notes, pay attention and get the job done
…is that we had just checked out three dora videos from the library, so I had help

…is that we do have the resources to get what we need, even if maintenance and repairs are not our first choice for shopping trips
…is that after a day like today, a night out at sears pricing dryers and dehumidifiers will actually feel like a treat

Thanks Kat, for encouraging me to look on the bright side!

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  • Kat

    Mary Alice, I love this list – we’ve all been there, haven’t we?! Is the mold in your basement due to the flooding from the hurricane, or have you had even more flooding? Dealing with insurance takes a lot of patience and organization, but it sounds like it has been working out for you. I hope that your basement is back to normal before the winter sets in.u00a0nAnd those new videos from the library can be priceless!u00a0

  • Mary Alice

    Our hurricane related flooding has been ongoing, our basement has not properly dried yet, hence the mold.u00a0 Our situation is really minor compared to others, but it is distracting me and there is more disorder in our house than I am comfortable with right now.u00a0 The dryer is just a coincidence but it adds to the excitement.u00a0 nnThanks for your support!

  • Anonymous

    So did you purchase a dryer?u00a0 This happened to our dryer 3 years ago, and we opted to only purchase a new dryer, and I went with a pretty inexpensive model (not the front loader types).u00a0 It works GREAT, it is very big, and I’m happy we didn’t upgrade.u00a0 Our washer broke about 1.5 years later, and so we went and bought a new washing machine.u00a0 We wound up not losing any money purchasing these items separately.