Builders Unite…

Builders Unite… October 2, 2011

And what a grand weekend it was!  The bride was stunning, the community was bursting with nostalgia, and the friendship was golden, as always.

We also had the privilege of linking up with our friend and fellow blogger, Shannon, from A Friend of Gianna. It was a grand time, indeed.

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  • Kerry Haslam

    Adorable dress, Red!!nnYou guys look so cute!

  • Anonymous

    ;-)u00a0 Thanks Kerry

  • Anonymous

    It was so wonderful to see everyone!

  • Kat

    It was so wonderful to see everyone over the weekend! I miss you all already…These visits are too few and far between!nShannon, it was so nice to meet you 🙂

  • Such good looking ladies, but I promise that you are even more beautiful within! u00a0Thanks for sharing your lives with others in such special ways. u00a0I am one of many who remains very thankful for each of you.