Help — crafty folks, send me some ideas

Help — crafty folks, send me some ideas December 16, 2011

My daughter sewed nine adorable pairs of christmas lounge pants for the cousins, and I (knowing our limits) ordered LL Bean red long sleeved tshirts for the tops. They have arrived, and my husband thinks that they are too plain, and he is probably right. I have done the Soule Mama fabric paint silk screen trick before, that is easy and do-able for us, but I need a great picture or symbol to put on them.

I can’t make individual names, I will go crazy, but I could do a big initial letter for each family, or a symbol.

Any suggestions?

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  • B-mama

    You could do a big letter and accompanying Christmas holly (which also might be cute because of the name of the girl making the gifts!) Or even a monogram since you’ll have some repeating letters?nnShe is so crafty! u00a0Proud of her!

  • Right Said Red

    You could do a simply Holly branch, or snowflake with the year like this:n

  • Mary Alice

    Okay, I am loving the idea of putting in the year.u00a0 It is so funny, I keep envisioning the pictures, but there is NO WAY we will get all of these kids lined up like a magazine shoot on Christmas eve!nn

  • Mary Alice

    I am going to check the craft section for pre-made letter stencils, if so then a monogram might be within our reach!

  • Mary Alice

    I looked again at the fabric for the pants, which had Candy Canes on it, and was inspired to do a candy cane heart.u00a0 We were able to use one template for all of the shirts and they are super cute, I will post a picture soon.