Here’s your real solution, Tex.

Here’s your real solution, Tex. January 7, 2012

You’ve got the crossover… the minivan… the Suburban… the 14-passenger van…

And then there’s the Sprinter…








We know a family with 7 children who have one of these puppies and it seems to work out beautifully.
I think we’re all headed here. lol.

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  • Juris Mater

    They had to name that beast “The Sprinter”, didn’t they?

  • Anonymous

    Can I get it painted with Princeton tiger stripes?

  • Right Said Red

    I just don’t understand why the top of it has to be so big, can’t they store the air conditioning unit in the back and make it a bit longer.nnAnd Tex, I have heard people talk about the suburban as though it “THE ANSWER” to all car dilemmas of people with more than 5 kids that don’t want to bump up to the 15 passenger van.

  • Anonymous

    Unless you have multiples or Irish twins ( or both in MAs case!) I don’t think you would need 5 full car seats at the same time. The friends we have at church with 5-6 kids spread over 10 years…the suburban works great. B/c if you don’t need a car seat for at least one, you can easily move the seat up and down to let kids into the back.

  • Bailey0729

    There is a company in CA that makes 4th row seats for Suburbans, allowing you to fit 11 people. Friends of ours have one and they have 8 kids. n

  • Mary Alice

    I test drove it and I found it really difficult to drive.u00a0 I had a bit of a breakdown, actually, because I didn’t know what we would do if I couldn’t drive a big van.u00a0 Then I met my beloved, golden 15 passenger Chevy Express.u00a0 It is a chariot.u00a0 We are so relieved not to have to think about where to fit the car seat with each new baby!u00a0 We have PLENTY of room to grow — too much, it is giving my husband crazy ambitions for family size!

  • B-mama

    MA, lol!! u00a0We all need to become familiar with the Chevy!n