Link Round Up

Link Round Up January 27, 2012

One of the amazing things about this interweb is the way that our use of it seems to be constantly evolving.  I thought I had things figured out pretty well there, for a while, with a blog and my email I was feeling super hip, but these days information is coming at me from so many sources it is hard to keep track of it all — and guess what — I love it!  I know that it is distracting and I have to force myself to put down my phone and look up at my children, but I am really invigorated by the new ideas coming my way.  I subscribe to a few blogs on google reader, but I also see links to blogs and articles on my facebook and twitter accounts.

One downside is that I (we) haven’t found an easy way to share what we are reading with our BC readers.  We are working on it, but in the meantime I click through to something on twitter and think, wow, everyone should read this, but the link never makes it from my mobile-twitter app to my desktop to wordpress.  Oh well, someday you will all be able to read my thoughts electronically, and I won’t have to filter anything.

Speaking of filters, though, more might be good from time to time, and we have been chatting a bit about privacy on our Builders email list (see, even we still have some private conversations).  To that end, you might click over to (one of my favorite blogs) Clover Lane and read what she has to say about Teens and Facebook.  I am always thankful for the mothers who go before us and figure some of this stuff out, since my oldest is only 10.

Next, I have been on the defensive a bit lately, and then I saw this post on the SixSeeds newsletter.  The title “Why I don’t homeschool, and why you shouldn’t either,” got my heart racing and I was ready for a huge fight.  Boy, was I surprised by what this articulate writer had to say.  I will be following her in the future.

Yesterday, someone gave us a brand new board game, Life, which was an extra at their house.  My kids are always dying to play games with me, but I rarely have the patience.  I have been playing a lot of Words with Friends on my phone with my oldest, which is a super fun and stimulating way to pass the time, and we had a rockin game of scrabble last weekend, so I want more game time in the future.  Just this morning, I got this post on my facebook feed, which encouraged me to make it happen.

Lastly, on my kindle reader I am slowly working through The Faith Explained by Fr. Leo Trese.  What an amazing book, I could not recommend it more strongly.  I am thinking about using it for confirmation prep when we get to that point.  This book seems to answer all of the questions that I always had but was too afraid, or inarticulate, to ask about my faith.  I wish that every Catholic would read it before they go to college.

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  • B-mama

    I also read the SixSeeds homeschool article and was ready to witness a fight, but what a surprising message. u00a0Great read! u00a0Thanks for linking to it. u00a0I am also going to check out Fr. Leo Trese’s book thanks to your rec. u00a0Blessings MA!

  • Rightsaidred Builder

    Love these links, thanks for sharing.u00a0 I also read that Homeschooling article, so I’m pretty impressed with her provocative title!