Brian D. Cohen: Leave Those Kids Alone

Brian D. Cohen: Leave Those Kids Alone February 1, 2012

Brian D. Cohen: Leave Those Kids Alone.


I went to an elementary school where the art work came home beautiful — because the teachers helped us so much!  My kids come home with crappy kid projects from their art classes, but perhaps they are learning more?

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  • JMB

    Maybe, but I do think it’s better to be taught art and music than not.u00a0 My own experience was pretty lame – I attended a happy go lucky 70s Catholic school and our art and music was rather spotty at best, although I do know all the Godspell songs by heart.u00a0 My children’s education has been lacking in math (Everyday Math) and reading, but darn, they have had top notch art and music!

  • Rightsaidred Builder

    A teacher doesn’t just drop the kids off and leave them completely alone.u00a0 Perhaps for a particular exercise, or to teach a particular lesson, but not for an entire academic career.u00a0 I think there are things you can learn on your own that you cannot learn from a teacher, but there are things you learn from a teacher and set rules that you cannot learn on your own (or at least not all students can learn them).u00a0 Free play is good, freedom of study and learning is good, but not at the expense of good instruction.u00a0 He’s throwing out the baby with the bath water.