Why Having More Children Is A Good Idea

Why Having More Children Is A Good Idea February 20, 2012
Can't wait until they are even bigger and more capable of doing heavy labor!
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  • Rightsaidred Builder

    Love it!u00a0 I’m already making my kids unload the groceries after I food shop. It’s great.

  • Juris Mater

    Adorable! They look like a capable snow-removal team. That could be a good little family business in about 6 years.

  • JMB

    I totally abuse my rank with my kids (and their friends who happen to be around the house) by putting them to work. I’ve had them walk dogs, pick up dog poop in the yard, vacuum the pool, leaf blow, power wash, paint, mow the lawn, shovel drive way, wash windows, vacuum carpets, fold and put away laundry, wash cars, carry groceries, return books at library.u00a0 Looking foward to having a 17 year old chauffeur in a few months.u00a0 nnSometimes when they are especially annoying I create jobs for them.u00a0 It is fun having older children!u00a0 You have an entire crew of personal assistants.u00a0 It’s great!

  • Anonymous

    Great way to burn energy!!u00a0