Update your RSS feed for our new site!

Update your RSS feed for our new site! March 8, 2012

Just in case you are struggling to find the RSS feed button on this site (it’s in the lower right column), click HERE to subscribe!

For those unfamiliar, an RSS feed is for an aggregator, like Google Reader. Such aggregators allow you to view, in one place, the updates from your favorite blogs and other websites.

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  • christy

    I’m disappointed to see the new RSS feed is only a partial feed. Is there any chance of converting it to a full feed?

  • maryalice

    Christy, can you explain what you mean by a partial feed? I am not sure what that is. Is it just perhaps that we have not converted the last dozen or so posts, so you are not seeing them there?

  • maryalice

    I subscribed!

  • Kellie “Red”

    Is anyone else having an issue with the feed? I’m receiving all the posts in my google reader, but I’m not exactly sure what you mean by a partial feed?

  • maryalice

    Here is an explanation of the differences in the feeds:


    I think that ours is set up with a partial feed so that you have to click through to the site because we would like readers visiting our website to be participating in our conversations and the broader the patheos family portal community.

  • christy

    That’s what I meant by a partial feed. It just kind of defeats the point of subscribing via RSS if I still have to click through to the website. And for me, I’m much more likely to read the posts in a timely manner and comment if I can see it all in Reader. My partial feed blogs tend to accumulate and I go through them at the end of the week. At that point, I feel like I’m too far removed to join the conversation. Just my thoughts anyway. 🙂

  • maryalice

    thanks for that input, I will talk to our editor and see what she thinks.

  • Lisa

    Hi ladies, the big move is here! Hope things are going smoothly during this transition. I do have a request, if you can speak to your editor/powers that be. I think pre-move, one of the Builders mentioned you have some say in the advertising on the page. I opened the page via the previous website – it opens in a new tab, which is fine, but it was accompanied by a pop-up ad in a new window. I don’t know if others find pop-ups to be as annoying as I do, but I generally avoid sites that use them just because I get sick of having tons of windows popping up everywhere! If you are able to request standard instead of pop-up ads, that would be lovely!