Open Forum: Pick my stroller!

Open Forum: Pick my stroller! April 18, 2012

My beloved Valco double all terrain stroller will be 8 years old in September.  I cried with joy when I got it, because with the booster seat and skateboard attached, I could leave the house for the first time as a mother of 4 under 3.  Just after I got mine, custom from Australia, Julia Roberts announced that she was having twins and ordered one.  See how I roll?  That stroller got me to the playground, the grocery store and eventually back and forth to Kindergarten every day.  It limped along serviceably after our move to the suburbs and carried my Irish twins, and it has been repaired several times, but it is now held together by duct tape and twist ties.

In other words, it’s time.

The world of strollers has changed a lot, and I am having a very hard time deciding what to get.  Here are my considerations:

-I can’t jog with a stroller anymore, because my two preschoolers will be too young to bike along, but at some point in the future I hope to be jogging

-When I walk, I often need all terrain capability

-My next youngest child will be 3.5 when this baby is born, so I don’t exactly need a double, in desperate moments I can probably wear the baby and let him ride.  Another baby soon is unlikely but not impossible.  However, my babies get big fast, so after age 1 I can’t usually wear them often.  So, it needs to be a stroller that an 18 month old could nap in and stay in for an extended time, like an entire little league game, which as you may know, is endless.

-I am willing to pay a little more for something that will last, and also, sorry to admit, for style points.  I have so few accessories in life, I count my stroller and diaper bag among them.  I don’t need the trendiest stroller in the store, but I would like a fun color.

-I would prefer something that opens and closes easily.

-I need a good canopy set up for shade

One thought is to get a snap n go for now to put the car seat in, and wait until the fall to buy a stroller, would you do that?  Or should I go with a system that the car seat can fit into?  I don’t have a car seat, either, so if you have strong opinions on that, feel free.

Right now, I am looking at the new Britax strollers, which are made by BOB, but I have not seen them in person because they are not sold near me.



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