Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s Day Ideas June 7, 2012

One of the areas where I think (my) homeschooling lacks is some of those adorable preschool crafty things.  So when I saw this printable survey on Dad from Persnickety Prints, I thought it would be perfect for the kids to fill out with minimal effort from me!

Oh. My. Goodness. The answers are hysterical!!! I would share them, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

And now a brief guest post & gift idea from the wonderful Mr. Texas Daddy:

Dads like to laugh. Dads like to laugh at stupid things. What’s more stupid than the current state of American politics? So for your dad or husband or grandfather, you need to buy them the witty and hysterical political satire novel “Don’t Mess With Travis” by Bob Smiley, a Princeton alum from the class of 1999 (and my college roommate). The book centers around a Texas governor by the name of Ben Travis who leads his state down the road to secession. You can only push Texans around for so long before we push back!

I guarantee you out loud laughs for people on both sides of the political aisle. As Steve Forbes recently said, “If there were a Nobel Prize for political wit, Bob Smiley’s novel Don’t Mess With Travis would win it in a landslide. Much needed in this angry political season!”



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  • Jennifer

    I printed out one of these questionnaires for my 3 yr old son last year, and my husband LOVED it! The completed product was laminated as soon as my husband returned to his office on Monday morning & it is still displayed on his office wall. It makes for an easy project and a simple (and low clutter) keepsake.

  • maryalice

    One of the funniest of these I saw was hanging in my friend’s kitchen — she is a Princeton alum, outstanding athlete and practicing MD, but for “my mom is really good at…” the kid wrote DOING LAUNDRY! Oh well, some day they’ll see us for what we really are. Or maybe that is what we really are, the people who do their laundry 🙂 At least we do it well.

  • Texas Daddy
  • My 4 year-old did a “Mom” version at her MDO program, and I thought that it was a priceless Mother’s Day gift! Some of the answers she gave were things that we rarely do, but it’s interesting to get insight into the mind and the priorities of a 4 year-old!

  • Kellie “Red”

    We LOVED the book. Highly recommended for Father’s Day from both myself and Mr. Red.