Please Pray

Please Pray June 10, 2012

Tomorrow, Mr. Red and I are making the trip to Texas to be with Katrina and her family as they meet their precious baby Annie.  Please pray for our trip, and the trips of all their family members and friends who are traveling to meet Annie.

And please, please keep praying for Katrina and her family.  Pray for them tomorrow as they anticipate Annie’s birth.  Pray for them on Tuesday the 12th, the date Annie will likely arrive.  And then please keep praying for many days after that.   Your prayers are so powerful.

I had the honor of meeting Katrina’s daughter Lucy six years ago.   I remember walking into their hospital room and feeling showered with God’s grace.  All the anxiety, worry, sadness, and tension in my body melted away as I looked at the beautiful face of Lucy and then into the loving eyes of her parents.  Their joy and sorrow gave expression to God’s love so beautifully; it was as if time stood still and a piece of heaven floated down to greet me.

It reminded me of my sweet Therese, and the absolute love and joy I felt holding her in my arms.  On the day Therese was born, the room felt brighter, my body felt lighter, and my heart was so at peace.  I knew God was present in that room.  I could sense Him right there, taking my baby to a place of perfect peace and love.  There were no doubts, and no fears, only love.

I am asking God to grant Katrina and her family the same peace on Annie’s birthdate.  Please pray for that with me.

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  • maryalice

    I am working and praying, doing lots of laundry tonight and offering it for all of your intentions.

  • Amy Bates M.

    We all are praying and will continue to pray! If and when possible, please post updates online so that we can walk this journey with all of the friends and family members gathered in Texas.

  • Holding you in the light. May you and Katrina and her family feel the warmth and love of God’s presence (and the many prayers being offered for you all).

  • Bethany “B-mama”

    I am holding down the fort here, praying fervently. My loving hubby is on his way now to be with Katrina and family…
    Can I boast for a moment how amazing our group of friends is? There are close to 10 of our nearest and dearest Princeton friends flying into Houston tonight in order to be there for Annie’s birth. They want to surround Katrina and Ed with love. How awesome is that?! I’m so proud to be part of this faith-filled Princeton family, who is there for one another. This blog is part of that–I cherish these women like sisters. Thank you, dear Lord, for such a community of believers here on earth.

  • Helen

    Prayers. Beautiful post, Red.

  • Cari

    I’m praying tonight for safe travels for everyone on the way to Houston! We had some bad weather earlier but it should be improving. I stumbled upon this blog one day and find the faith and trust in God of you ladies inspiring! Please pass along to Katrina that while I am not part of the Princeton gang, I do live here in Houston (west side of town) if she ever is looking for someone “close by” to meet for lunch or grab coffee. Prayers for Annie Rose! God bless y’all!