Laundry Lovin’

Laundry Lovin’ October 25, 2012

I sat outside the big boys’ room tonight folding the two loads of laundry that lay scattered in the hall.  It was the last thing I wanted to be doing with my time, especially with a lengthy to-do list and dinner dishes still in disarray.  I was in no better mood when M, my oldest, peeked his head out the bedroom door.  “Hi Mommy.  I’m sorry you have to do all this work.  Someday I’m going to be able to really help you with it.  Will you help me fold the socks?”  Blessed child with brilliant bedtime stalling tactics.  I was delightfully lured by his sweetness.

Soon T emerged and sat down with us.  “Mommy, help me learn to fold shirts.”  I instructed the boys how to pick up the shirt by the shoulders, fold it in half, gather the sleeves, fold them in, and finish with a half fold.  T went right to work–“Mommy, folding laundry is fun.”  He is like his brother–genius bedtime procrastinator–but you know I loved every minute of it.

The three of us sat folding for a little bit before I gently reminded them it was important for them to rest.  I then got two of the sweetest hugs and “I love you’s” before they scampered off to bed.

Love in a laundry pile.  God makes even the mundane something beautiful.  Thank you, Lord.

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  • Shandy C

    What lovely stalling tactics!!! How sweet they can be! Glad you were able to enjoy a few minutes with the bigs.

  • Kathy

    Sounds like a fun time! It may be stalling tactics – but kids need to know how to do things like laundry. Also – then maybe they could at least fold their own clothes. Folding laundry is fun when you have helpers – a good time to chat about life in a casual way.

  • MaryAlice

    What a sweet story. Whenever I think that I just can’t get it all done, and pray “Lord help me!” He sends very concrete help in the form of little hands — they empty the utensils in the dishwasher or carry the hamper back to the laundry room, it’s not huge help, but it is just enough to know that I don’t have to do it all alone all the time, and it is a huge grace.

  • JMB

    Years ago I read a piece by Danielle Bean about laundry and she basically said – time yourself and see how long it takes to fold the baskets and at most, it may be 20 minutes. That kind of changed everything for me. I know it sounds so lame, but I think to myself – I can’t do pushups or squats for 20 minutes, that’s really hard. Holding a plank for 3 minutes is torture, 20 minutes of physically pain, ie labor is horrible, But 20 minutes to make order? It’s really not all that bad. As for the socks, my youngest daughter’s job is to marry them and send them on their honeymoon. Every Sat she does the socks, and after a few weeks, all the single ladies get set free in the garbage. It’s simple but it works, and it’s not physically painful.

  • Kellie “Red”

    this is so cute!