Freezing in Virginia

Freezing in Virginia December 21, 2012

There’s nothing like the warmth of the holidays to remind us of God’s great love for us.  He sent us Jesus, the greatest gift of all, and continues to love us despite our sinfulness.  He reigns over evil.  His love conquers all.

I am grateful today for the many ways I see God in the hearts of others; the small acts of kindness and love I witness in the world, not just in our little home, but throughout our community.  I regularly watch the goodness of strangers.  I see friends reaching out to comfort those in need.  I see God’s love filling up a family who is enduring a father’s terminal illness.  I see joy in the eyes of a woman undergoing chemotherapy.  I watch from afar as people extend love to fill a void of great loss.

If we pause and look closely, we can see evidence of His Love everywhere.

Today I see His love in the little things around our home.  We are “freezing” along with Mary Alice and her crew and taking a moment to relish in gratitude…

…for the chance to roll down grassy, leaf-strewn hills with friends.  The weather here has been temperate and beautiful.

…for a grandfather and grandson, playing with a locomotive train around the Christmas tree.  How blessed we are to have my parents with us for the holidays.

…for a baby who is rocking on all fours and the siblings who gather round to encourage her forth.

…for the excitement of little boys as they wake a full hour before their alarm clock due to rising Advent exuberance.

…for the many versions of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” we invent, particularly the funny ones that make us laugh and feel silly together.

…for the promise of an evening of lights at the local botanical gardens and the appropriate drop in temperature that has accompanied our plans.  It is truly beginning to feel like Christmas.

…for a most perfect Christmas tree, found by my patient husband, and bringing joy to all who see it.  It is our best one yet.

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  • maryalice

    How wonderful. I want to hear from everyone now!

  • Kellie “Red”

    I love this. Thank you for sharing. I think I was too busy cooking pre-Christmas to stop and write all the things that were making us freeze 😉 But we did stop and take the time last night to compile an imperfect Christmas moments list — of all the funny odd things that happened yesterday — and it really was nice to write it all out and have a good laugh. Lots of memories and good times, even amidst the head colds and over-tired children and over-cooked items. The imperfect moments are often what the memories are all about!