I Am Not Superwoman

I Am Not Superwoman May 16, 2013
I so wish

“When you reach the end of your rope, you will find the hem of His garment.”

-author unknown

I have the above quote posted on a sticky note stuck to the outside of our sippy cup cabinet.  There it hangs, day after day, as I reach past it to fill the billionth cup of juice or milk.  There it hangs, reminding me that I am not superhuman, was never meant to be, and that His Power is a lot more sufficient than mine will ever be.

So why do I repeatedly try to take it all on my shoulders?  Bear my children’s burdens and idiosyncrasies?  Why am I constantly yearning for perfection and superwomanly attributes?

I’m tired of it.

Frankly, I’m just plain tired.

I am not superwoman.  I do not have it all together.  I make a lot of mistakes.  My home is often cluttered.  My kitchen sink is usually laden with dishes.  My laundry is regularly piled high in the hallway.  My kids sometimes have to hunt for underwear.

I lose it sometimes.  My temper can get the best of me.  My tears and fears can sometimes overwhelm me.  I can easily feel defeated and discouraged.

I am often really tired at the end of the day.  I’ve given it my “all” and yet my “all” is usually not enough.

I am not superwoman.

I am just a mom who’s trying to make it.

But the good news is that’s the way I’m supposed to be–broken, weathered, and in need of a Savior. I was created with a need for Him; to be defined by Him; to find worth in Him.

I do need to care for the needs of my family, but I don’t need to feel that perfection is the standard. I do need to embrace my role in the home, but I don’t need to compare myself to the accomplishments of others. I do need to keep my family orderly and organized, but I don’t need to beat myself up for mishaps in the schedule.

And I don’t need to don a red cape.  Instead, I need to keep reaching for the hem of His garment.

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  • Steph

    Here, here.

    I’m afraid that my very first thought was to think about the seemingly perfect people I know and thinking, ‘yeah, they’re not feeling in need of a savior, so I am definitely more rich in spirit than they are.” sigh–thanks for the reminder that it has nothing to do with comparisons and everything to do with trying to do what needs to get done and leaning on Jesus all the way.

  • You know, you might be the one person who could pass for superwoman 😉 So yeah, we are all falling short of the standard, and Thank the good Lord for that! Sometimes just getting on our knees and sincerely acknowledging our shortcomings before God makes the burden much lighter, doesn’t it? And rest assured we will all accomplish everything we need to do in a day, if we just do our best and work for His glory. Love you!

  • Amy Seiffert

    Bethany! Thank you. Love all of this.

  • Lindsay

    Oh, I need this! Today and every day! Thanks for an honest, powerful reflection.