Thoughts for Thursday, Stomach Virus Edition

Thoughts for Thursday, Stomach Virus Edition May 2, 2013

What am I cooking?

Last night the baby puked 20+ times until we were rescued by late-night doc call-in of Zofran…  Whatever it is I make for dinner tonight, I hope we can all keep it down!  It will probably be leftovers of Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Parmigiana  that I made last night–it was so delicious, but none of us got to truly relish it thanks to the sick baby.  Encore night tonight, for sure!!  If you’re looking for a recipe that cooks a bunch and leaves happy tummies, this is it.  Delish!  I make 2/3’s of the recipe and still have plenty.

What are my weekend plans?

We have soccer Saturday morning with three games for our three boys.  The girl babes go along for the fun.  Later in the afternoon the older two boys have their piano recital.  Is it me or is the recital more stressful for the mom?!?  Their recital pieces are coming together, but I will definitely be shaking in my boots come 3:30pm Saturday!!  Let it go, mama.  Let it go.  I’m trying.

Meanwhile, my hub will be traveling for a board meeting for The Evangelical Catholic, a wonderful ministry for bringing Christ to Catholics on college campuses.  When he returns Sunday, we’ll be celebrating the baby’s first birthday with a family party at home.  Our theme is going to be flowers because she is our little flower, doll baby that she is!  I am praying she is feeling better and the virus doesn’t take any more victims.

What are my prayer intentions for the day? 

For our dear friend, Queen B, who delivered her fourth sweet babe yesterday, our newest goddaughter!  For the health and wellness of mama and baby.  For the transition of the whole family to life with 4 sweet cherubs.  They are a fantastic family who will thrive, I know.  Peace be with them.

What can my children do instead of  watching TV? 

Our oldest has been a story writer lately, creating tales of galaxies and star wars, but also of him and his brother.  One story he is turning into a screenplay with the two oldest as co-producers (cute).  Here’s an excerpt, “I know you set that alarm, T,” snorted M. “I just wanted you to get tired,” said T.  “You do that trick a billion times a year,” snapped M, “It’s never funny at all”…

How interesting that they fight even in their pretend stories!!  lol  I’ve been impressed with his writing of dialogue–other than the addition of a few commas above, his prose looked pretty close to what you see.

What have I done for my marriage this week? 

I have hugged my husband a lot.  We recognize that when things get busy or stressful, hugging is really important!  I have also been making a greater effort toward making him a daily lunch to take to work.  This small gesture goes a long way toward helping him in the morning, especially when he does so much for our family.  It also saves him from having to buy lunch, which can add up quickly!

What am I reading? 

On our flight back home from Dallas, someone kindly left their paperback novel in the pocket of my seat–they were finished and wanted to pass it on.  So kind!  Now You See Her by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge looked innocent and good for some mindless reading.  I read half the next day and haven’t had the time to finish it yet.  It is suspenseful and requiring little thought–perfect for my life right now.

What is one product that made my life easier? 

Zophran.  People, this is a miracle maker.  I could kiss the man or woman who created this drug!  My sick baby went from listless and limp to awake, drinking, and smiling within minutes of taking it.  Thank you, pharmaceuticals!

What is challenging me lately?

My children’s ability to listen and follow through with directions.  Our home is a busy, zoo-y place, which only lends to further distractions and inability to focus.  My words are starting to feel like they have no meaning…  and probably because they don’t.  My hub and I talked this morning about the importance of follow through.  A shout from the kitchen with directions has to be followed up with a check to make sure the directions were listened to and completed.  I’ve let too many of these misses slip by and now am paying for it with inattentive children.  Tough stuff.  It is so easy to let happen when the baby has just created a flood with the dog bowls or my 2yo has to run to the potty.  Follow through is challenging, but oh-so-important.  Gotta get on it and without getting angry!  3 months in and I’ve started raising my voice again…  Thank goodness we are ALL works in progress.  I have a LOT of work to do.

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  • Kellie “Red”

    Praying G feels better soon and that nobody else gets sick!

  • I’m sorry that baby G is sick!
    That chicken parm recipe looks delicious, thanks for sharing. Mine is very basic, so this looks like a fun upgrade to one of our favorites.
    I hope that everyone feels better soon!