Afraid of Commercials

Afraid of Commercials June 11, 2013

It has happened… our five-year-Army-subsidized stint in Germany is drawing to a close. We have had two children here, traveled to countries of which I never dreamed and generally expanded our minds and opinions. The packers have taped the last box shut, we are vacuuming Cheerios out of our van to put it on a barge and I am more than a little pre-nostalgic. (is there a single word for this feeling? If you know it, comment please, I need that word all the time!)

One thing we will lose when we go to Kansas this year is our Armed Forces Network TV viewing. It is basically a mixed tape of TV shows and movies that are broadcast to us on 8 different channels at a small delay, but without commercials! So now, I am terrified of commercials. Not adult commercials, but ones which target my children. How much of an issue is this, are they going to be begging me for Littlest Pet Shops over cereal, are their birthday lists going to get much more intense and demading? Are there still Tivos and slingboxes and fancy technology that you use to eliminate commercials from your viewing experience? I need some strategies. Thanks for your prayers for the move.

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  • Angelica

    We use Netflix for most of our shows. OnDemand on cable programs are similar, I think. PBS shows also don’t have commercials. Good luck!

  • My kids are mostly commercial free… until we moved and the DVR wasn’t set up correctly. Then, my 5 year old saw all kinds of things she needed. I don’t thnk of it as a big deal though — just an opportunity to explain why we aren’t getting that pet shop or pillow pet or whatever… it’s not damaging for them to see things they want repeatedly and realize they aren’t getting them… It’s a good lesson to learn. Over and over and over!

  • We use a DVR, but we still talk about how they can’t just get what they want. We have to make wise spending decisions, etc., etc.

  • Kat0427

    We don’t have cable, in part because we strongly dislike the commercials. We still have the network channels, though, as well as two PBS stations, so the commercials are often adult-themed. We sometimes mute the TV for commercials or just turn it off altogether – really, some of them are totally inappropriate! I’m talking about Victoria’s Secret commercials and birth control commercials (!), mostly. We are usually watching Netflix or a DVD, so it isn’t often an issue.

  • Mary Alice

    We also use netflix and amazon prime, along with PBS kids, mostly on demand.

    You might not want to get cable, you can just get a DVD player that has an internet hookup, and then if you already have amazon prime, you can get a lot of shows and movies that way.

  • Mrs C

    We don’t have cable either. My husband and I use netflix and our children are allowed to watch foreign language videos after they reach the age of two (to help them with their French and Spanish). We are a commercial free family!