Laundry Saver for my Fashionisto

Laundry Saver for my Fashionisto July 10, 2013

When it comes to laundry, I don’t let perfection become the enemy of the good, I just get it done.  This means that I wash almost everything in cold water and I don’t separate or pretreat.  I buy my boys plenty of cheap polo shirts, often at consignment, and gym shorts, and they look decent all summer with easy  wash and wear clothes.  I have them change out of nicer church clothes right after mass to avoid grass stains on their nicer pants.

Except for my Fashionisto.  This boy chooses his outfit carefully each day, and he likes to look great.  He often wears a blue blazer to the playground.  Thankfully we have enough hand-me-downs that he can have one for good and one for play.  For our several days at my mother’s house in Sag Harbor, he wanted to wear his seersucker pants.  Those would be his super cute church pants, the ones that blew the budget back when I was on boy #1 and have been carefully handed down since then, for Sundays and parties in the summer.  I wasn’t going to tell this boy he couldn’t play in the sandbox or eat a hot dog on the fourth of July once he was all prepped out in his seersucker and white polo with a popped collar, but by Saturday night the pants were ruined.  They were stained with ketchup, dirt, and something hot pink (frosting?).

I was going to toss them in the washer and figure they were now just play clothes, but over my mother’s laundry machine was a row of baskets, all labeled, one of which held various bottles of stain fighters.  [One day I do hope to be an actual grown up, like my mother, with labeled baskets on shelves, a special place for “sunscreen” “lightbulbs” and “laundry supplies” – someday].  Anyway, I sprayed all of the stains with something called Resolve.  The directions said to leave it for 5 minutes and then rub it in, then wash.  I followed the directions exactly (trying to be a grown up), but left it to soak overnight in the washer with detergent, because I couldn’t run the cycle (the washer is next to my brother and sister in law’s bedroom, and grown ups are considerate).  I ran the washer in the morning, then checked the pants for stains before putting them in the dryer (grown up!).  They are spotless.  Seriously, they look brand new.

So, I will be buying some Resolve.  I didn’t swipe it from my mom, because grown ups don’t do that (don’t think I didn’t consider it).  I may or may not buy a basket to put it in, and label that basket “laundry supplies.”  If my 5 year old is going to dress like a grown up, I think I am going to have to start to do laundry like a grown up.


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  • Kat0427

    What a great way to start a Wednesday, MA, thanks for this funny and informative post! I usually use Oxi-Clean, but it never hurts to have another tool in my arsenal. My son goes to a school with uniforms, so he literally wore the same three shirts all year long. By the end of the year, the shirts were ripped and had holes, and I just had to throw them all away. The same happened with a couple pairs of pants/shorts. I don’t know what they do at his school (okay, I have some idea), but the clothes barely made it through the year.

  • Very entertaining! We have resolve here too. It works! I am not a grown up though, as I gave up on polo shirts outside of Mass years ago. My boys NEVER wear them unless I say they have to wear them, they prefer good old t-shirts for everyday wear. And so the resolve is rarely used, unless of course we go to a nice family party in polo shirts and khaki pants, and then I crack it out and go to town on all the stains 😉

  • Donna

    Thanks for the tip- we have a terrible time ruining clothes over here and OxiClean doesn’t always get the stains out. Sometimes people give me hand me down white polos and I think “how it this possible?” Every white shirt my children have seems to end up ruined in some way! I’m trying Resolve!

  • buildingcathedralstexasmommy

    On a super anal note…have you noticed that stains seem to come out of pique polos better than interlock polos? I have started trying to only buy the pique kind b/c they seem to last so much longer (a huge plus when there are 4 boys to wear everything!)

  • Mary Alice

    Totally. Plus, the pique ones hold their shape better and look natural just sort of thrown on, whereas the others seem to shrink and pull?

    We went to a (casual, but office) party last night and I loved that all my boys had to do was “get dressed” — the clothes that they wear everyday look nice and are comfortable for them.

  • Bethany

    Thanks for enlightening me on the power of Resolve! We use Zout and OxiClean with pretty good results around here. The biggest challenge is making sure I find the stains before washing them. I’m going to do a laundry post here soon–I’ve had some epiphanies regarding getting laundry done for 7 people. I also think the next room to be remodeled in our house will be our laundry area. I am finding organization is KEY–your mom is onto something!!

  • I don’t even know what a pique polo or interlock polo is? I guess that makes me not a grown up? 😉 But I did know about Resolve, a separate bin in my laundry room for stained clothes, and another for clothes that need to be washed separately.

  • jurismater

    We are OxiClean-ers ourselves, and it usually works, but not always. I actually have resolve but never use it. Time to give it another try. Laundry tips are always welcome! My kids have white knit polos for school uniforms during the fall and spring, and boy do we trash them.