Looney Tunes: charmingly quaint?

Looney Tunes: charmingly quaint? August 9, 2013

We have just introduced the kids to the wonderful world of Looney Tunes, thanks to old shows on DVD available at our local library. As a purebred conservative, I tend to think older things are better in most circumstances, especially where technology and media are concerned. I spent hours a day during my childhood enjoying Bugs Bunny and his friends, and so it’s been charming to keep the tradition alive. My walk down memory lane was just interrupted by my taciturn 7 year old son’s commentary:

“I love Looney Tunes because it’s violent. It’s just one show after another of people chasing each other around trying to kill each other.”

Oh well… it’s still worlds better than SpongeBob, right?

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  • J’

    Love this! I too love all the ‘oldie’ cartoons. I’m SURE they are still better than what is out ‘violence’ or not.;)

  • Elizabeth McD

    But I do think the Looney Toons violence is inherently different than the violence in current shows, even cartoons. The characters ALWAYS come back and live to fight another day! There’s also a level of camaraderie and fun in them. The same characters (in some cases) can be friends in one episode and after each other in the next. There’s also a sense of good winning out. It’s the epitome of true “cartoon violence” — Daffy gets flattened, but pops back up. Wiley Coyote gets blown up, but comes right back (maybe with a band aid on his nose). Elmer Fudd is never going to actually shoot Bugs or Daffy dead.

    Plus it’s fun to see the clever references and historical culture points. Our kids (older now) recognize the caricatures of Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby and Humphrey Bogart. There’s also word play….

    Yup, we’re a Looney Toons household, violence and all! We have boxed sets of them— collected with gift money and watching sales carefully!

    Elizabeth McD

  • Catherine

    My kids love Looney Tunes and so do I. My favorite thing about them is that there is absolutely no pretense about them whatsoever–no PBS “Reading Readiness” or “Shapes & Colors”–just pure entertainment.

  • EAngelo

    Also a fun way to introduce classical music! My husband has fond memories of Looney Tunes and shares his favorites with our young boys. I particularly like the cartoon “From A to Z-Z-Z-Z” about a boy daydreaming in class. 🙂

  • The new ones are HILARIOUS! Have you seen? I promise, the kids and I love to watch them together…

  • Love Looney Tunes.