Back to School: All In!

Back to School: All In! September 26, 2013

Our little Catholic school is opening a Moms’ Morning Out program on Thursday mornings this fall, for kids 12 months to 3 years. Thus, today is the first day of school for my… one year old and two year old.

When my oldest two were both toddlers, I thought we would homeschool.

Now my fourth and fifth are starting school before they know how to talk.

As my oldest said yesterday, tongue-in-cheek, “Oh Mom, it’s so hard to believe [baby] is old enough to start school already. It seems like only a year ago that she was born.”

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  • Kat0427

    🙂 Can’t believe that my sweet god-daughter is already over a year old! What a gift for you to be able to have all 5 of your children at the same school – that is a truly unique scenario! Please keep us posted on how they do.
    By the way, these mothers-day-out programs are very common here in TX, but maybe not as common on the East coast??

  • “When my oldest two were both toddlers, I thought we would homeschool.” Perhaps I didn’t know you at that time, LOL! Enjoy your time off! Sounds great! Perhaps a pumpkin spice coffee is in order 😉

  • Maggie

    There’s a Protestant church in our town that does a Mom’s day out starting at 15 mo., but I’ve always been skeptical my kids would be able to nap properly in a room with 10 other kids. (Though I realize kids in daycare do this all the time.) Does your one-year-old still take a morning nap? Glad you’re enjoying the time off!

  • FYW

    Maggie–My 15-month old has never been able to nap well at day care (since 6 months). She’s had maybe 5 days in the last 9 months where she has napped well (as much as or almost as much as if she were at home). No parent I have talked to yet has said that their child naps well at day care or preschool at that age. Several have told me 15-40 minutes ALL DAY has been the norm. My daughter moved to the toddler room from the infant room completely yesterday and didn’t nap at all. SIGH. So anyway, it is a valid concern. We really wish, particularly given the cost of day care, they could do better with her, and it upsets me off and on, but our daughter is doing fine, is healthy, is otherwise generally well-rested, and loves her teachers and friends at day care, so we try to feel good about the positives and work on the sleeping at home….

  • FYW

    Whoops. Realized now I could have just replied to Maggie’s comment instead of doing a separate post. =)

  • Mama A

    My two and one year olds just went to Mother’s Day out last week. My five year old kindergartener was also baffled, LOL. Honestly, I think the more kids you have, the more “built-in” help you need. MDO has been such a blessing for us because it allows me to re-charge my batteries a bit during a weekday – it’s tough to find anyone to watch little ones during the weekday! Most of the other moms I know also have so many kids and things going on, I’d hate to ask on a regular basis. All of my pre-natal appointments, ultrasounds, hair cuts, errands, etc. are now scheduled for Friday mornings, and it’s such a relief not to be juggling those on the weekend or tag-teaming with hubby – and our weekends are going to get a little busier now that the oldest kid is um, older!

  • Becky M

    I think I remember you talking about homeschooling back when your two oldest were toddlers! So great for you to have a morning off. Anyone seen these programs in NJ?

  • buildingcathedralstexasmommy

    Some homeschoolers here put their toddlers in MDO programs so they can school the bigger kids. Love this idea! Glad that you have a little breather from your precious angels!