Supporting Loved Ones Who are Sick

Supporting Loved Ones Who are Sick September 2, 2013

As we get older, we know more and more people who are hospital or home-bound for a period of time for one reason or another. I would love some advice from those of you who have experience on how best to support loved ones who are seriously ill, and also on how to support their caregivers. Is there anything that is specifically helpful for people who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment? Both suggestions for hands-on help and help from afar would be helpful, since many of us do not live nearby family members or friends who are suffering.

  • Are there certain items that would be appropriate for a care package?
  • Have any books been particularly helpful either for the patient, caregiver, or loved ones?
  • Are there certain topics that you should or should not touch on in a conversation?
  • I recently found this article and thought that it was interesting. Do you agree with the author’s argument?

Many thanks in advance for your input. Mary, Comforter of the Afflicted, pray for us!

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