Preach it!

Preach it! March 26, 2014

Whilst I am guessing that I do not have a ton in common with the author of this NYT Moderlode post, Shouldn’t the Breast Pump Be as Elegant as an iPhone and as Quiet as a Prius by Now?, I couldn’t agree more with her in this case. Having spent, to date, about 4 years of my adult life strapped to a pump 4-8 times per day due to a circulation disorder, I would love nothing more than a small, discreet, quiet pump. I field more questions about pumping, its challenges and benefits and logistics, than anything else, so I know I am not alone.

Remember those enormous portable bag phones circa 1990? We’ve come a long way to the sleek, sexy looking iPhone.

The breast pump? Hasn’t changed a bit. As a pilot I can attest that my aircraft was quieter than my breast pump. We have silent motors on cars. Why isn’t there a digital touchscreen display like on my oven? Why can’t there even be an app to control it from your phone? I am grateful that pumps exist, but we need to step up the style!

Seriously, ladies, can we do anything about this?? Can we recruit an engineering grad student somewhere to take this on as a project?

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  • The breastpump is not the only medical device that has gone unimproved in the last 30 years! I hate to sound like a feminist, but I often wonder if men had to use this device wouldn’t it be better by now?

  • Katrina

    This made me smile! You are so right, we need an upgrade!

  • Juris Mater

    This is so entertaining, and you’re right on. Tex, I think you’ve found another calling. You seem like the perfect mechanical/aerospace-engineer turned public-policy-gal turned pumping-mom-of-many to take on the challenge : )

  • Bethany


  • Bethany

    Tex, so true! It doesn’t help that mine is circa 1998 and is a leather-covered rectangular box. At least the newer styles are in bag-like carriers!! They still leave MUCH to be desired!

  • Charlotte

    I would love this… Ive only pumped two of three times but made such an impact that Ive found my 2 yr old making pumping noises while playing with her dolls…

  • Queen B

    Tex, this is hilarious! You are right on! I had to pump a few weeks ago for the first time in a while, and my older kids now walk around mimicking the breast pump noise and giggling to themselves. 🙂