Tiny victories

Tiny victories September 23, 2013

I still very much feel like I’m in new mama land, but today is a big day for me. Not only is Pia, my sweet firstborn, 7 months old (oh my, how did that happen?), but it also marks month 7 of nursing her. I am positive some of you can relate, but breastfeeding was a huge, huge issue for me at first – I had wanted to do it and thought it was important, but was completely shocked at how difficult (and painful) it was for me. Wasn’t it supposed to “just work” after all? Why wasn’t the pain going away “after a couple of weeks”? Most of the time I felt like I was just complaining, which continuously made me question myself, especially as many well meaning seasoned veterans concluded that maybe I simply had a low pain threshold! In the end, we went through multiple lactation consultants, antibiotics for an infection, ultrasounds to see if they could find anything else, a few days of thinking tongue tie was an issue, and then finally discovering both a circulation condition and overproduction issue that were playing off each other. This took four months, and honestly there were many times when I was a hair away from quitting.

And yet, in the beginning, my goal was to get to three months at all costs. But then as we turned some sort of pain corner around week 15 or 16, it was time to start dreamin’ big…let’s get to six. Now I am a whole whopping month after that and feeling this tiny mom victory…and feeling that all of it is manageable.  Most importantly, Pia is growing and is well. It was an unexpected challenge to tack on to her first year, but it has also been such a good reminder for me to take rough patches of any sort day by day (or feeding by feeding in this case!). Something good to file away for future mothering challenges!


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  • Kat0427

    Congratulations on this milestone, J’! I so admire you and the other moms here who have had pain while nursing, and who have come up with all sorts of creative strategies to come up with a solution that works for both mom and baby. Hope your week is off to a good start!

  • Bethany

    You’re so smart to anticipate overcoming future challenges with a day by day mentality. As moms, it’s easy to take on the big picture and whenever I do that I get completely overwhelmed. Better to break the task into smaller pieces that can be more easily surmounted. Great job!!

  • Amen to this! Celebrate this milestone, it is well-deserved! And I think small goals along the way make everything so much more manageable. I try to remember that each time a new baby comes. If we can just make it another week, things will be easier, etc.

  • Juris Mater

    Go you!! Congrats on the milestone, and bravo on your attitude of gratitude to have made it this far.

  • buildingcathedralstexasmommy

    This is an amazing victory! Often we type-A mothers focus on our failures as opposed to our successes, so great for focusing on the positive!!