A Mother’s Prayer to Start the Day

A Mother’s Prayer to Start the Day October 1, 2013

Two children mill around our kitchen fetching bowls, spoons, pouring cereal.  I grab the milk and divvy it out to each. One little lady saunters in from upstairs, dressed in a princess nightgown and gazing around in morning awe.  Another little lady sits, pajama-clad, and shouts orders from her lofty highchair.  She’s been here since the kitchen opened and is already on bowl #2 of breakfast.

I have been up since 5am and have added 6 miles and a grocery store run to my daily “done” list.  It is 6:45am.

I pack one lunch and two snacks.  The other lunch will be bought later at school–something we almost never do.  But today they’re serving corn dog nuggets.  He doesn’t want to miss corn dog nuggets nor the “birthday fruit cup” (whatever that is!!)  This morning he is full of worry because it’s not clear if lunch can be bought with cash or if I need to put money in his school account.  I dash from the kitchen to solve the lunch dilemma, him following to make sure I don’t mess up.  All ends in a lunch account set-up, money deposited, and a call to school.  It is well and he is finally placated.  Shoes on, coats on, backpacks on, brotherly scuffles in the hallway, sisterly shrieks from the family room, out to walk to school with Dad, but before all that… prayer.

“Loving God, I give you this day all that I think and do and say,

I’ll laugh and play, I’ll work and pray. 

Spirit of Jesus, be with me all day.  Amen.”

Here’s my mama version:

“God, I offer all of our worry to you and ask that you help me manage the details of our family. Inspire me in word and deed as I move through the world and attempt to show your love to my children, husband, and community.  Lord, use me for your work and show me the desires of Your sacred heart.  Holy Spirit, be my guide.  At the end of the day, through the funny and adventurous, through the labor and the toil, show me Your Purpose in me, Lord, and lead our family to life everlasting.  Amen.”

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  • Lovely prayer. And after all that, do you take a nap?

  • Kat0427

    Bethany, this is a great little glimpse into your life, thank you for sharing! Isn’t it amazing how many things we mothers can pack into one morning? No wondered we’re whooped by 1 p.m.! I love that you start your day with the kids with a prayer – do you say this every morning with them?

  • Bethany

    Kat, yes we do. Whoever’s around when the big boys are leaving gathers around, holds hands, and says the little prayer. It’s not much, but its a nice tradition.