Thinking Summer

Thinking Summer May 13, 2014

Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning for summer success. That’s right–not just survival, folks, success. We can do this. Let’s pretend until it’s true…

For all of the homeschooling mamas/papas out there, you have my absolute admiration and can start putting up your feet (like that will happen–ha!). But for the rest of us who send our kids to school– WE. ARE. ON.

Here are a few things on my mind as I look ahead to summer:

1) SUNSCREEN: I have a trip planned to Costco solely to purchase this all-important item. I try to buy in bulk the spray-on kind because it goes on fast and efficiently. We use a sunscreen stick for faces and then rub it all in. Note: make sure to do all of this outside for ventilation! I am also thinking it might be time to teach the older ones how to sunscreen the younger ones and assign everyone a buddy for faster poolside sunblock lathering. By the end of the summer, we will be sunscreen pros and have a good system down, but everyone needs to learn his part!

2) SWIM SAFETY: My older two have been in Sunday swim clinics all winter to get ready for the swim season. Now it’s time to start making sure the littles are ready for lots of safe and fun time at the pool. My little girls will use our Puddle Jumpers to help with safety and our middle boy is doing an intensive 8-day lesson program through a local swim school. We had him do this last year and it did wonders for his confidence and ability to swim independently. Still, if you haven’t seen this video, I recommend you watch it to be sure to educate yourself on recognizing drowning. It might sound scary, but it is informative and very helpful. Though I was once a lifeguard, I was better able to recognize my son’s distress at a pool this winter thanks to this video. You’re welcome.

3) COOL CLOTHING: And by “cool”, I mean comfortable! I normally invest in summer skirts and dresses, but recently saw a friend wearing these pretty shorts, found at Target for $20. They were longer, modest, and very cute–(but happen to be sold out in our area–maybe not in yours?! Can you send me a pair?) Another friend just sported this adorable, lightweight dress also from Target that was beyond cute! The fabric was silky and the style, super relaxed and still classy. I have also been on the hunt for a nicer swim suit with modest coverage that fits appropriately. Land’s End is a favorite shopping site for the Builders, but I have to try a suit on to know if it fits well. Thankfully, most Sears stores have Land’s End retail right in-store for ease of try-ons! Must get there soon…

4) ACTIVITIES: One word I want to avoid this summer is the dreaded “B” word–“bored”. No way, Jose! Life is too short, so get on living it. I love this suggestion for a Mom, I’m Bored Jar. It is chock full of different activity ideas that the kids can opt to do to bust summer boredom. The blogger has even provided printables of her ideas for greater ease for mamas. Head on over to Pinterest to be inspired for more summer ideas. Also, if you can find me on there, I have an entire board devoted to summer activities that you’re welcome to search.

5) VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL: If your church doesn’t offer one of these programs, go searching for another. Most provide a complete curriculum uniform across all Christian faiths. The Protestant and Catholic churches in our area actually share curriculum sets to cut costs. We will attend one in late June at our parish and I’ll help by teaching one of the grades. Our youth minister is always so grateful for any help she can get to put on this wonderful week for the kids. We are still jamming to our VBS CD from last summer–it was an awesome week–check it out!

Prayers for you all as you wrap up a wonderful school year and look forward to a blessed, successful summer vacation. It’s going to be the best. God bless.

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