On Verily Magazine and Elevating Culture

On Verily Magazine and Elevating Culture October 8, 2014

I stopped reading magazines, with the exception of a few cooking publications, long ago.  I was tired of being bombarded by sexualized imagery, raunchy articles, gossipy updates, and fashion that didn’t even begin to apply to my life.  Recently, however, I have found a new favorite in Verily.   Briefly a quarterly print magazine, Verily is now exclusively online, complete with daily deliveries and updates.  I appreciate their realistic, feminine fashion sense, the balanced examinations of relationship issues, easy-enough foodie recipes, and daily thoughts.  A few of my favorites articles recently include the titles:

Mastering the Art of Fall Layering with the Dress-Over-Pants Look (modest, feminine and totally realistic for our cool MN weather)

The Reality of Forever: Why Commitment is Hard for Women Too (tackling relationship issues in a culture of mixed signals)

And a few of my favorite Daily Dose quotes:




What I appreciate the most about Verily is the effort it makes to engage with and elevate the magazine culture.  The editors are tackling the same categories of issues and questions that interest so many people, but in a refreshingly uplifting way.  Verily is worth a look.

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  • J’

    I completely agree Queen B’. I love this magazine and find much of what they include so much more uplifting and ‘true’ than any of the other options out there.

  • Love Verily! I would really like it in print though. They cancelled that and went just online last year, and I admit that I normally don’t read it now. I like to look at fashion stuff by turning the pages of a good old fashioned magazine.