Tricks and Treats From the Archives – Halloween Math Activities

Tricks and Treats From the Archives – Halloween Math Activities October 29, 2014

As we get our costumes and treat bags in order, I am making a short list of math concepts which I want to be sure to touch on during this year’s Halloween Candy Math unit the first few days in November.  For my kindergarten and first grade students, there will be sorting by one attribute, tallying, counting by twos and fives, single digit adding and subtracting with m&ms, graphing m&m colors and working different types of graphs, probably a bar graph and a pie chart.  Yum, candy pie!  For my 4th grader, there will be venn diagram sorting, discussing the best ways to display various kinds of information and I think that I will also write some division, multiplication and missing number word problems about candy.  If I get really ambitious, we can also do some rate problems (how many houses did you visit in one hour), as well as mean, median and mode (averages).

Here are two past posts about our Halloween Candy Math traditions.  Happy Haunting!

Halloween 2011


Halloween 2009

I cannot believe how little my kids were!  Sometimes life seems to move so quickly, it is fun to get a chance to look back and see how they have grown and change!

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