A Spell for the Broken Hearted

A Spell for the Broken Hearted December 3, 2016

On the day of Venus, in the hour of the Sun, begin the ritual:

  • In a mortar and pestle mix rose petals, lavender buds, chamomile flowers, and lemon balm leaves.
  • Breathe life into the blended herbs, stating your intentions: To ease the pain of your broken heart.
  • In your hand, hold a piece of rose quartz. Feel it begin to warm, coming alive as you instill it with your intentions.
  • Fill a small pouch with the herbs and crystal and then tie it shut.
  • Place the finished charm next to your heart, take a deep breath and feel the energies of the herbs, the crystal, the Sun, and Venus working together to bring you comfort.

When you feel ready, intone the following spell to finish the ritual:

My heart is hurt,

My body’s weak,

A sense of calm is what I seek,

Ease my pan and help me breathe,

Take my sorrow and set me free

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General Life Update: I’m currently in the midst of finals, meaning my life is absolute chaos right now. I’ll be back to regular, more frequent writing as soon as I can! 🙂


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