A Samhain Scrying Ritual

A Samhain Scrying Ritual October 20, 2017

Samhain is a night of seemingly endless magical possibilities. It’s a time of year when it feels like anything could happen. The veil between worlds is thin and Witches, Faeries, and ghosts freely run amok. For a short period of time, the realm of shadows is open and accessible for everyone to experience.

Two of the most common Samhain activities involve honoring one’s ancestors and divining the future. The way I see it, these two practices go hand-in-hand as our ancestors carry with them that special knowledge that comes from the Otherworld. When we partner with them, our spells, rituals, and divinations are particularly potent. Of course, this is true for any time of year. Yet, it cannot be denied that there is something about Samhain that takes these practices to the next level.

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The following ritual is intended to both honor one’s ancestors and ask for their assistance in gaining some insight of what’s to come in the coming year. However, be prepared, as not all visions will be of good tidings. Remember, though, that the future is not fixed and this may be an opportunity for you to make some changes to your life.

For this ritual, you will need the following supplies:

  • Black mirror
  • Candle
  • Bread and Wine (or juice)
  • An incense composed of: Vervain, Wormwood, and Frankincense

Begin the ritual by setting the space however you see fit (i.e. laying a compass). Position the mirror upon your altar with the lit candle in front of it. Next, hold the bread in one hand the wine in the other and intone:

I call upon my ancestors passed,

Return to me this Hallow’s Mass.

I offer up both wine and bread,

Come back to me, beloved dead.

I seek your help, please be my guide,

Cross over now from the other side.

Close your eyes, envision that you are a beacon of light, drawing your ancestors to your side. Once you feel their presence, greet them accordingly. Commune with them for a while and explain the intentions of the spell which you are about to cast.

Courtesy of Wikimedia
Courtesy of Wikimedia

When you’re ready, light the incense and let the smoke waft over the mirror’s surface and recite the following:

Inky black magic mirror,

Upon your surface now appear,

Visions of the coming year,

For me to see, both true and clear.

Gaze deeply into the dark surface of the mirror and slowly let your eyes…

Take a deep breath and sink deeper into the mirror, swimming further into its depths. You are no longer outside of the mirror, but within it. Take another deep breath and take note of all your senses: what do you see, hear, feel, smell, or taste? Don’t force the visions to come, trust the process and let them unfold organically.

You may stop at any point, and when you’re ready take a deep breath and feel yourself return through the mirror and into your body. Once you have completely returned, take a moment to reflect on what you’ve experienced. If you need to, write down what you can remember so that you can return to it later throughout the year. Consult with your ancestors about any concerns you may have and take in whatever wisdom they may grant you.

As the ritual comes to an end, thank your ancestors for their assistance in your ritual and close the space however you see fit.

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