February 20, 2020

First published in The Cauldron No. 150, November 2013 Since the last century, and accelerated by the works of authors such as anthropologist Margaret Murray (1863 – 1963), Charles Godfrey Leland (1824 – 1903) and Gerald Gardner (1884 – 1964), there has been a culture within witchcraft circles for the perpetuation of ‘tradition’, the belief in a continuation of concepts, faith, and even ritual; either passed on directly or ‘retrieved’, especially through folklore. Given the current popularity of Traditional Witchcraft, perhaps… Read more

January 30, 2020

The Witch’s Stang is often thought to have been introduced into modern practice by the late Robert Cochrane (1931-66). In its central role, the Stang represents the World Tree and can take centre stage within a working circle. In this respect, it acts as the axis mundi, and is the true altar of the witch mystic.  Read more

January 17, 2020

Frequently, we see people asking how to do such and such, what tradition to follow, what others think, feel or believe. This ever grasping, ever seeking, ever reaching is a ceaseless anxiety of longing for the comfort of rules, the confinement of formula and concepts, which never sates that yearning. Read more

January 15, 2020

Within Traditional Witchcraft, the concept of the Compass sometimes erroneously replaces that of the Circle. This is a common misconception that frequently identifies these as synonymous terms. Whilst they share similarities, an Airts Compass, that is a Compass of Winds, is a fundamental technology at the heart of many traditions. In order to know the difference, we must first start with basics. The magic circle used in modern Wicca usually describes a barrier, a vessel to contain power and is… Read more

December 11, 2019

Christingle sounds a bit like Kris Kringle… And that’s about all there is, really. Ostensibly, I am going to write about the use and tradition of rituals akin to the Christingle and the act of bringing light to the world in the renewal and seasonal cycle of the earth. However, laced throughout, as is my want and way, is the very necessary message that the importance of tradition lies in the present, not the past. The internet and blogosphere is… Read more

December 1, 2019

The Santa Claus we now know, incorporating the older British Father Christmas and Lord of Misrule, presides over the period when order is upturned and merriment ensues. We can see some foundation in the Dutch Sinterklaas, who himself is derived from Saint Nicholas whose feast is marked on the 6th of December.  Read more

November 19, 2019

So, you really want an initiation? A word to the wise: if you are completely open to it, it will tear your world apart and it won’t be fun! Read more

November 12, 2019

Let me tell you a story… a story of a being somewhere between angel and demon, whose pride aspired to the highest heavens and whose home is the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, a rebellious King who warred with Heaven and stole the Wine of the Immortals, sharing it with mortals. There was a rock that since the creation of the world had been worked upon by the pure essences of Heaven and the fine savours of Earth, the vigour… Read more

November 5, 2019

Like many cultures and countries, Britain and America share a rich history of fairy and otherworld encounters, healing, love tokens and divination lore. Among the history of these, the sixpence features frequently, being an identifiable, valuable and readily available charm. The silver sixpence has been identified in many cases as amulet, touch piece, symbol of love, magical token, witness and seal of a vow, and more.    The sixpence, a ‘tanner’, is a British coin denomination with the value of… Read more

October 8, 2019

On the morning of September 23rd, the Pagan community lost one if its most stalwart bastions, particularly in the Los Angeles and Salt Lake City areas. It has taken a little while to write this and several attempts. It is with a heavy heart that I write that Rita Morgan, owner operator of Crone’s Hollow, Salt Lake City, has passed across the veil into spirit. Rita is a strong spirit, a force of nature, and all who meet her are… Read more

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