My partner is 60 today.

I have several gifts for him. Among them is a film and a Tarot reading based on a spread that I created just for this occasion.

About the film, he asked: ‘Isn’t this more appropriate for my funeral?’ I said to him: ‘What funeral? You’re already dead, so stop complaining.’

The Tarot reading was more popular.

I call this spread the ‘Not-to-be-denied heart’.

As birthdays are often celebrations others participate in, I invite you to celebrate along, and ask this question for yourself:

‘What in my life manifests itself so straightforwardly that you can call it ‘not-to-be-denied heart’? What carries the ‘not-to-be-denied heart’ forward?’

The point of the second question is related to potential blind spots: What if you don’t know about your ‘not-to-be-denied heart?’

The sages of old have always insisted that the heart cannot be denied. But what does this mean?

As far as my understanding goes, this means that there’s something in the heart that manifests itself completely singularly.

This is not to say that this ‘something’ manifests independently, for it cannot, given the interrelation of all things. But it manifests singularly in the sense of displaying a basic principle, or a basic line that can be identified as your life-force.

The ‘not-to-be-denied heart’ is the heart that is all its own; it’s a heart that never listens to anything other than itself; it’s a heart that is even less concerned with public opinions, dictations, prohibitions, injunctions, titles, and entitlements.

The ‘not-to-be-denied heart’ functions correctly according to its own appropriate action.

A layout for the heart

Take your cards and shuffle the whole deck. Cut the deck when you’re ready.

Lay down the first trump that comes after the cut (if you don’t get a trump in the cut, then keep going until you get one).

This trump card is your ‘not-to-be-denied heart’.

Beneath the trump, lay down three cards to represent what carries your ‘not-to-be-denied heart.’ Think of these three as a container for your heart.

Let these three cards be court cards or pip cards.

Same procedure as the last. From the cut deck, draw cards until you get a court or a pip. Disregard the trumps. We only need one trump here.

Jean Noblet Marseille Tarot, as reconstructed by JC Flornoy. Hand-painted by E. Zebrowsky (Photo: Camelia Elias)

So here is what my partner got. He cut his own deck and gave me permission to share his reading with you all. I hope it inspires you to look into your own heart and what carries it forward.

In this reading we got Force as the manifestation of the ‘not-to-be-denied heart.’

What carries it forward is the Queen of Cups, the Knight of Cups, and 10 Coins.

My partner signed with relief. No swords for his birthday.

He decided that his ‘not-to-be-denied heart’ is me and the dog. That’s a straightforward response.

What carries it through is the woman of love and her entourage. My partner identified himself with the Knight. Fair enough, he does many chores on my command. Make that, ‘loving command.’ We’re with the benevolent cups here. But in truth, the knight is the queen’s delegate.

In the ‘container’ string are also solid assets, money and ideas.

So there you have it, a straightforward reading that has the benefit of either enforcing what you know already, adding more nuance to it; or in the opposite case, this reading has the benefit of uncovering your blind spots.

The identification of Force with ‘you and the dog’ had that effect on me, as I’m still reflecting on the significance of being my partner’s ‘not-to-be-denied heart’.

He took this pictures of us today.

Isn’t this a lovely surprise? Unless, of course, I decide that this situation obligates the hell out of me, in which case I must check with my Zen attitude. But let’s leave that for another time.

Happy Birthday to Bent!

May you all enjoy your ‘not-to-be-denied’ hearts.

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