No Slavoj, I Will Not Blog About NFP Anymore. Wombats.

No Slavoj, I Will Not Blog About NFP Anymore. Wombats. July 8, 2015


Oh! How the family affections combat
Within this heart; and each hour flings a bomb at
My burning soul; neither from owl nor from bat
Can peace be gained, until I clasp my wombat!”

— Dante Gabriel Rossetti (written while waiting for his mail-order wombat to arrive.)

It’s finally happened…

After nearly a week of non-stop blogging about Natural Family Planning I have finally found my true calling: to sing the praises of the wombat, day and night, as a testament to the glory of the Creator of wombats. Catholic bloggers who yammer on about sex are a dime a dozen, but when was the last time you heard a sermon preached about wombats? Not recently, I bet.

I have decided to redress the balance. From now on, this blog will be addressing important and timely questions such as:

What is the role of wombats in the Church?

Who is the patron saint of wombats?

Can the Church meet the pastoral needs of same-sex-attracted wombats?

Is your marriage truly open to wombats?

What stunning new revelations does Laudato Si offer about the wombat ecology?

Will there be wombats in heaven?

What is the REAL 3rd secret of wombats?

Should I give up wombats for Lent?

What do I do if my kid comes out as a wombat?

We’ll also be examining the startling new evidence that the historical Jesus may have been a wombat, and we’ll be carefully following the rumours that Pope Francis will soon be unveiling the Wombat mysteries of the Rosary.

But you can get started NOW by reading my great wombat-themed Catholic books, available from Amazon:

Wombat Authenticity: An Intimate Reflection on Wombats

Slave of Two Wombats

Wombat Authenticity: More Wombats

Eros & Vombatus

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