A Brief Digression About Zombies

A Brief Digression About Zombies February 9, 2016

zombie-147945_1280 This nifty piece does a very passable Aquinas impersonation covering two articles from the Summa Theologica on zombies: Whether the souls of those who become zombies are in hell? Whether zombies will experience the bodily resurrection? Inexplicably, it stops there and does not address a multitude of other critically important questions such as: Whether a person who becomes a zombie may be considered accountable for their actions while in that state? Whether a zombie is of the same species as a man? Whether there exists in a zombie any vestige of free will or of reason? Whether zombieism is to be considered a type of demonic possession? Whether it is possible for a zombie to receive the sacrament of baptism? Luckily I cover several of these in my story Schrodingers Zombie which you can read at Tales of the Zombie War. You can also read it in Against Nature – And Other Abominations along with 15 other horror shorts. And keep an eye out for my upcoming translation of the Vatican’s critical zombie document “On the Pastoral Care of Undead Persons.”

Photo credit: Pixabay
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