I’m Giving Away Free Books!

I’m Giving Away Free Books! March 9, 2016


Hello people! So here’s the deal, I’ve found out that for various nefarious marketing-type reasons, having upwards of fifty Amazon reviews has magic beneficial effects. So I’m soliciting reviews of my books. A review doesn’t have to be anything complex or involved. It can be as simple as “This book was good. I liked it.” That counts. In return for reviews, I am offering free .pdf copies of any of my books. You just drop me a message using the handy “Contact” button that you’ll find above. Tell me what title(s) you want, and I will send you a copy. Then you read, log into Amazon and post a review. Cheers!

Here are the titles that I have available, and a bit of info to help you decide which one you would most enjoy reading.

Sexual Authenticity: An Intimate Reflection on Homosexuality and Catholicism

If you want hard copies of this one OSV is selling them for $2 here. If you’ve already read it, please kindly consider writing a brief review here. This is my first book, it basically gives my conversion story plus a lot of stuff about homosexuality and faith. There are a few areas where I’ve changed my thinking since I wrote it, but it’s still a really good introduction to what I think.

Slave of Two Masters

The way this got written, is that my husband and I read every Vatican social encyclical from the last 100 years, plus all of the Biblical passages to do with money, and then I wrote a series of meditations on things like time, gift economies, labour, and the final judgment drawing on the deposit of faith as the source material. Several of the chapters can be found on this blog here.

Sexual Authenticity: More Reflections

This is a compilation of the best of my old blog with a lot of linking material and commentary added to bring it together into a coherent whole. It takes the conversation that I started with my first book and follows up with all the stuff that I learned as a result of suddenly waking up to find myself in the no-man’s land between the two fronts of the Culture Wars. Basically, it covers my transition from “former lesbian” to “queer Catholic homeschool mom” with reflections on everything from social constructionism to the eschatology of autism thrown in for good measure.

Eros & Thanatos

Absolutely my favourite thing that I’ve ever published: a fusion of Plato and Euripides with a contemporary setting. I lifted a few of the characters from a series of horror novels that I’m writing, and engaged them in a fast-paced, plot-driven philosophical dialogue about sex and death. Readers are divided: either they love it and find it to be a gripping page-turner, or they just find it confusing. Don’t skip the introduction: it provides essential information and necessary context to the entire text.

Tales from Grandma Bo’s Cottage

The first ten years of my relationship with my husband were largely devoted to developing a preposterously intricate fantasy world. We wanted to have races that were distinguished not merely by superficial characteristics or cultural stereotypes, but rather by their nature: how do they reason? How do their consciences work? How do they manifest mind-body unity? We then went on to build up complex cultures, several thousand years of history, and hundreds of characters before realizing that maybe we should try to publish something a little less ambitious for a first novel. But we got some great short stories out of the exercise. A few of them were published in genre magazines, and the best of them are collected here. You can listen to a sample here.

Against Nature – And Other Abominations

Eve Tushnet described this as a “chocolate-box horror collection.” It’s got a bit of everything, from post-apocalyptic Lovecraftian nightmare to Stalinist vampires, from philosophical dialogue about zombies to overwrought gothic romanticism. If you like horror and you enjoy my writing, you’ll probably find at least one thing here to love. You can listen to a sample here.

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