Erasing Gay Identities at First Things?

Erasing Gay Identities at First Things? June 17, 2016

Not The Time Or Place: An Open Letter to Elliot Milco

The other day, I posted a response to a post that appeared at First Things. I subtitled the piece “An Open Letter to First Things.” I should have titled it “An Open Letter to Elliot Milco” — as it was specifically addressed to a particular member of the First Things staff. I have since amended it accordingly.

First Things, unlike many other “conservative” Christian publications, has not held a single, univocal view on the question of whether LGBTQ identities must be erased in order to make way for Christ. In 2012, First Things published Joshua Gonnerman’s “Why I Call Myself a Gay Christian”, and in the years since they have welcomed a number of LGBTQ identified Christian writers, including Ron Belgau, Wesley Hill, and myself. First Things’ former deputy editor (now literary editor) Matt Schmitz was especially generous in welcoming our perspectives, and creating a space within the conservative conversation for traditional Christians who identify as LGBTQ to talk about our needs and our place within the Church.

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