An Elaborate Live Action Role Playing Game

An Elaborate Live Action Role Playing Game November 12, 2016

I mentioned recently that my best friend came to visit, and that we put on a live-action role-playing game for my kids and some of their friends. It’s a medium we’ve worked in before, but this year’s was probably the most ambitious LARP that we’ve actually managed to pull off. The plot was a little on the silly side – the main villain was The Meta, a mad artist who is trying to create the ultimate medium, a medium that offers no resistance and is perfectly responsible to the artist’s will. In the process he ends up dissolving the boundaries between media and this is why you have a mouse from the board-game “Mice and Mystics” inhabiting the same world as a Black Mage from Final Fantasy. The story begins at the point where The Meta is starting to tear down the Fourth Wall, eroding the fabric of fiction. The heroes must retrieve the six pieces of the McGuffin if they hope to defeat him.

Special guest stars included Dante Alighieri and Marshall McLuhan.


The entrance to the underground Temple of Doom.


A warrior mouse and black mage almost ready to deploy.


The alchemy puzzle.


The troll’s camp.


The Faery Queen and Dante Alighieri.

I wish we had taken way more pictures.

Image credits: mine


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