I Remember Childhood Catholic Thoughts

I Remember Childhood Catholic Thoughts June 6, 2020

Thoughts of young Catholic Children

The thoughts of Catholic Children
Are different than adults
They don’t know what the priest is saying
And they are distracted.
They have not learned to disagree yet
Neither have they learned what everything means
They just know they are Catholic
And don’t understand why everyone is not

Or think everyone else is
They think Jesus was Catholic and Mary
They may wonder why John was Baptist
Or what kind of plane Pontius Pilot flew.
A child who went to Mass each week
Learns something children not raised as practicing Catholics, or similar faiths miss
What a gift to be a Catholic child who actually goes to Mass.

Catholic Global Mission

Catholic Children
I remember as a child, when I was seven years old, with Sister Kathleen Mary Burke, from Ireland having us practice receiving communion with unconsecrated hosts. My twin sister and I were going to be first in a double line because we were the smallest of about 12-16 students. I was so excited and at seven assumed everyone else was as well.

I remember as a child, practicing communion with a bag of Doritos on the back porch with a small group of friends, who were not Catholic. Except for my sisters and I, we were the only Catholics there. The others were from a family who were Jehovah’s Witnesses at the time until they became “nothings” as one of the girls told us when they stopped practicing. Years later, long after we had all but lost contact, that same girl, then a young adult, told us she had become Catholic.

I remember as a child, praying for people who were arrested. I now think I was really praying for those who have gone to rest. So, after years of misunderstanding, they were not in jail, they were dead, hopefully in heaven.

I remember as a child, wondering about the inscription above Jesus on the cross. At some point, when you are somewhere between 4-6, you ponder why the crucifix says “IN RI”. Maybe that only happens to people who grow up in Rhode Island. Maybe it was just me. Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews. Yeah, two very different sayings.

I remember as a child, I decided I would become famous like Jesus. So, when I got old and knew I was about to die I was going to use duct tape and lay on a cross on the ground. I was rather clueless even though at a young age I wanted to be like Jesus.

I remember as an adult working in a daycare center, and a child of about 4 years old suddenly wanted my help. I had to help her get Jesus off the cross and hurry up because Pontius Pilot was coming. I looked at the child and her beautiful care, love, for Jesus. I do not remember the child’s name I never forgot her concern for Jesus.

I remember when we took our adopted child Princess to Lasalette Shrine one Christmas season after visiting my family. She thought the lights and religion displays were amazing. It was great to see her excited about the Catholic faith when she was not raised so.

I remember when my husband yelled at our adopted child one time. She got upset and was sad for a while. When she calmed down and wanted to apologize for what she said, she wanted to pray the whole Rosary to make amends. She was not Catholic yet but was showing more faith than most Catholic kids that I knew. Jesus often praised the faith of non-jews. At the end of the rosary, she said: “That was Fun”.

I remember when our adopted child did a lovely job singing with other kids at Mass one evening! I was impressed that my Latina daughter could hum out Irish songs with a cheap plastic gazoo as well as Christmas hymns!

I remember when our adopted child was baptized, confirmed, and became Catholic.

If you have stories about being a young Catholic, please share. Thank you.

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