May 15, 2024

LAST TIME ON HOARATS After The Revolution Was A Heck Of A Ride Around The Sun | A Timeline Of The Years 1785 – 1799. ( Napoleon Crossing the Alps, romantic version by Jacques-Louis David in 1805 1800: A Time To Start the 19th Century The new century started off with a time problem. As of March 1(O.S. February 18), when the Julian calendar acknowledged a leap day and the Gregorian calendar did not, the Julian calendar fell one day further behind, bringing the... Read more

May 10, 2024

Four years ago the Triune God answered my particular prayers and this blog post your reading now is part of that prayer.   Most writers probably don’t publish an article on their writing anniversary. But writing on this blog site is one of my dreams that has come true and is still continuing and I’m thankful for it which is why I am blogging about it. It’s also another date that I can start over and begin again. Just like the... Read more

May 9, 2024

In my particular series of historical blog posts  (Heck of a Ride Around the Sun) I have tried to include and insert many many canonized Catholic Saints, Blesseds, Venerables and Servants of God into the timelines. I may have missed some and it’s hard to go back and drop them into history. So I’m putting them here in this particular series of articles on the Catholic Bard’s List of Saints. I took the General Roman Calendar, some books on saints... Read more

May 6, 2024

When Christ left his apostles after spending time with them after his resurrection and right before his ascension into heaven… He said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation. -Mark 16:15  New Revised Standard Version This is because Christ wanted to walk the earth through his mystical body. He started out on his journey around 2000 years ago and wants to continue walking through you and me because… Christ has no... Read more

May 1, 2024

  Wednesday  May 1, 2024 Saint Joseph the Worker Salt + Light Media@saltandlighttv (May 1,2023) Day1: We pray for workers of all fields and crafts that serve God and His children, as well as people who are without jobs and stable income, that the Lord will provide a way for them. St. Joseph, Model of Artisans, Pray for us! Day 121: Cycle of Violence — The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz) – YouTube Day 121: The Apostolate... Read more

April 29, 2024

Last Time In History 1775 Was A Heck Of A Ride Around The Sun A Look Back At The Years 1775, 1784   A Decade After the Start of the War 1785  Angelika Kauffmann October 30, 1741 – November 5, 1807) Pliny the Younger and His Mother at Miseno News of the World January 7 – Frenchman Jean-Pierre Blanchard and American John Jeffries travel from Dover, England to Calais, France in a hydrogen gas balloon, becoming the first to cross the English Channel by air. January 21 – The Treaty of Fort McIntosh is signed between the... Read more

April 24, 2024

Last Time on HOARATS Crusoe And Gulliver Wager With Bach In 1700 – 1749 | A Timeline Of Events From 1700 – 1749. ( Pope Benedict XIV  the 247th pope ( August 17, 1740 –  May 3, 1758 17 years, 259 days) Sits on the Throne of Peter 18th Century PopesPopes 242 –  249 reigned on the throne of St. Peter.0 Saint Popes0 Blessed Pope1 Servant of God Pope7 Non – Sainted Popes0 Anti – Popes1 Interregnum Thomas Wright suggests in 1750 that... Read more

April 22, 2024

Last Time on HOARATS Witch Trial Gravity Where 17th Century History Is Made | A Timeline Of Events In The 17th Century 1650 – 1699. ( This Time… The American Resolution was less than a century away at the beginning of the 18th century. Here is what happen in the years leading up to the birth of the United States. First off here are the pope stats of the whole century. 18th Century PopesPopes 242 –  249 reigned on the... Read more

April 17, 2024

Last Time on HOARATS Thanksgiving And Hersey In The 17th Century | A Timeline Of Events In The 16th Century 1600 – 1649. ( This Time… We arrive at a period in history where the Salem Witch Trials occurred along with the discovery of Gravity. This is where 17th Century is made. 1650 – 1659 Popes 236 – 242 reigned on the throne of St. Peter. 0 Saint Popes 1 Blessed Pope 5 Non – Sainted Popes 0 Anti –... Read more

April 15, 2024

  Last Time on HOARATS Gregorian Exploration & Reformation Expand The 16th Century | A Timeline Of Events In The 16th Century 1550- 1599. ( Now we move on to the 17th Century 1600 – 1649 Popes 232 – 236 reigned on the throne of St. Peter. 0 Saint Popes 0 Blessed Pope 5  Non – Sainted Popes 0 Anti – Popes The Dark Frigate is a 1923 children’s historical novel written by Charles Hawes. It won the 1924 Newbery Medal. It was... Read more

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