Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious Poem

Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious Poem July 8, 2020

The Glories of the Past

Ancient Egypt was a unique culture whose magic reaches down the millennia to us through words such as mummies, pyramids, the Sphinx, Tutankhamun, pharaohs, and curses. Napoleon Bonaparte’s expedition to Egypt in 1798 initiated the modern era of Egyptomania: We can say that Bonaparte, Vivant Denon (the head of his scientific team), and others discovered ancient Egypt for everyone. The publication of the Description de l’Égypte and the discovery of the Rosetta Stone can be thought of as the keys that opened the door for the world to understand the land of the pharaohs. Zahi Hawass Cairo, March 2013
-Bob Brier, . Egyptomania: Our Three Thousand Year Obsession with the Land of the Pharaohs

Why Study the History of Ancient Egypt?

The Perplexing Questions of our Present

Area 51 is a riddle. Very few people comprehend what goes on there, and millions want to know. To many, Area 51 represents the Shangri-la of advanced espionage and war fighting systems. To others it is the underworld of aliens and captured UFOs. The truth is that America’s most famous secret federal facility was set up in order to advance military science and technology faster and further than any other foreign power’s in the world. Why it is hidden from the world in southern Nevada’s high desert within a ring of mountain ranges is the nexus of the riddle of Area 51.
-Annie Jacobsen, Area 51

Area 51 Fast Facts - CNN

The Wondrous Possibles of Future

Vatican astronomer and Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno thinks that the prospect of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe could be theologically fruitful. In a 2002 interview with U.S. Catholic, he observed, “I think we recognize that if they’re from Alpha Centauri or from the next galaxy over, they’re still God’s creation. It’s all God’s creation! If we ever find intelligent life, we’ll have an interesting dialogue about the nature of the incarnation.
Kevin P. Considine, Do Catholics believe in life on other planets? US Catholic

Leonard Nimoy dies at 83; 'Star Trek's' transcendent alien Mr ...

A Mysterious Poem that ties it up and sums it all together.


Jimmy you live in a mysterious world

With a mysterious name

Are you Jimmy or James, Jacob or Seamus?


I inquire because I want to know,

As I am a mysterious girl.

What kind of a world is it anyway?

Do you live with ghosts, Martians, or big foot?

Is there an extra chair by your desk for your guardian angel?

Are you Facebook friends with the Loch Ness Monster?

Did you go to school at Hogwarts?

ArtStation - Way to the mysterious world...., Raspberriepie Works

(photo image Art Station)

Do you time travel across multiple dimensions?

In the Tardis or Enterprise?

Do you call out square dancing at Elven Balls?

Or a Hobbit’s 111th birthday?


Whether you explore Egypt’s ancient past

Or ponder who shot JFK,

Or marvel at our salvation from Nuclear annihilation,

From the Blessed Mother’s prayerful ways,

You bring perspectives of faith and reason to enlighten our way.


Faith and reason go together, like a horse and carriage

We witness a miracle every time we go to Mass.

That I do not call mysterious, I call it beautiful, better than beautiful.

Our reason to me, Jesus’ reason to be.

A most holy mystery.

Who is the man behind the inspiration for this poem?

What is the secret behind the production of the show?

When did it all begin?

Why are people fascinated with this podcast ?

Where can I find out more about production?

How does Jimmy Akin  come up with such mysterious topics?

You can learn more about this Mysterious World by clicking on

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